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Discussion in 'New York' started by rocket, Mar 20, 2001.

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  1. Tankcommander


    You know, it might even be statistically safer...

    To have a provider that is careful about safe sex, than it is to pick up a "normal", and I use that in heavy quotes, girl at a bar...

    At least for providers, std's are a constant concern while I've met many girls at bars who think that STD's only happen to working girls and drug addicts, and many others who think you can "see" AIDS, or an STD on someone's face or exposed skin.
  2. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    For the record: I didN'T start this thread.....

    and, i personally think it's like putting an extra bullet in the chamber while playing russian roulete......

    sorry, to burst your bubble - just my $.02
  3. hot4chicks


    Many diseases can be exchanged by saliva and other body fluids. Just because someone doesnt look sick, doesnt mean they aren't sick.

    If you are interested, you need to search Google for Center for Disease Control (CDC) and look for STD info.

    However, risk is a question of perception, so your interest in some of the activities you mentioned may vary.

    h4c, rather safe than sorry
  4. fishfry



    Totally secure? What's that? If you're born and breathing, you're going to die. If you drive a car or breathe the urban air or fly on commercial airlines or allow HIV-positive men to repeatedly buttfuck you bareback, you add a certain degree of risk.

    How much risk is receiving a condomless blowjob? Very very small. If you have no cuts or open sores on your dick you can't get HIV or hep C. You might be unlucky and contract herpes that way, but chances are small.

    Kissing? Riskwise, it's pretty safe. There is one known case of HIV transmission via kissing. Both people had high-risk lifestyles, poor health, and bleeding gums.

    If you want to completely avoid risk you can stay home all day, but you know what? Children who are not exposed at an early age to any kind of dirt or microbes develop weak immune systems. In order to build your immune system you need to get out and enjoy life, mix up your germs with everyone else's, and don't worry so much.

    And if you are excessively worried about engaging in sex, you need to stay home and not do it.
  5. Slinky Bender

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    Those activities are definitely NOT "safe".

    But we all like to delude ourselves a little, don't we ?
  6. rocket


    i've been reading lots of threads here and on TBD about hobbyists dining at the Y, and receiving BBBJ's...I was just wondering if you guys have ever encountered any "issues" resulting form these practices, or if you are totally secure in thinking that everything is safe doing those things,...just curious.