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  1. DickNervous


    The pay site will include things like a searchable reviews database and stuff. There is a link somewhere on TBD where you can have him send you an e-mail with the details, which I did. So I will share it with you here. I hope he doesn't mind.

    THE "NEW" TBD SITE - Launch Date Mid to Late June 2001

    The TBD Web Site is being redesigned, from the ground up. We plan on doing all the things listed below without any loss of integrity or any loss of the founding goals and principles of the TBD Site. The site itself will be still providing the same informa
    tion that it always did; however, now it will be easier to navigate and view while still maintaining the classic TBD "fast loading pages."

    Concurrent with these changes TBD will be opening a TBD Members Only Site.

    The Members Only Site will include the following (in addition to the existing "free" site, which we will mention below for continuity):

    1. Existing FREE Site. The TBD site as you now know it WILL REMAIN INTACT AND FREE to all visitors. We will NOT be taking anything of value away. We may make a few minor adjustments to help us control the bandwidth charges, but essentially the "core site"
    that has drawn so many daily visitors will remain "AS IS".

    a. Existing FREE Message Boards. All existing message boards will continue to operate just as always. The only changes planned will be to require a registration for every "new" alias and the password will be e-mailed to a valid email account. New registra
    tion requests will be checked against the registration database to avoid multiple registrations from same email address.

    2. Members Only Site. Paid membership site that will add many enhancements, features, content and advertising opportunities. Key components of the Members Only Site will include:

    a. Members-Only message Boards. We will start with an identical structure of message boards plus a few new cities. Also will add true international coverage in several phases. All read or posting access to these boards will be for members only. Purpose of
    this is to offer a more content driven message base and to minimize the noise and nuisance posters who clog the free boards. In addition, member-only message boards will have access to the complete TBD archive of messages and full search-back capabiliti

    b. Escort Review Database. A key feature from the client/visitor side will be a real-time, fully searchable, database-driven, escort review database. It will include more in-depth information and offer ease of use features. It will launch stocked with the
    TBD archive of over 7,000 reviews.

    c. Weekly TBD Newsletters. We will send out nicely formatted HTML-based Newsletters (both multiple regional and a national/international edition). TBD Members newsletter will include articles, editorial content, informational and educational information,
    updates, and advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Also, highlights features and products. In short, weekly news, information, updates and more right to your E-mail box if requested. It will be by subscription-only (other that a few promotional issue
    s to build membership) and be delivered to thousands (or hopefully millions) of e-mail inboxes.

    d. Top 10 Lists. Will be updated monthly. This will be database driven and tied to the new searchable Escort Review Database. It will be searchable and much more flexible.

    e. The Escort & Agency Lists. Will be membership-fee driven and database driven so that agencies and girls can self-enter and maintain their own info. There will be an automatic query for each city message board that will display all listed agencies and e
    scorts for each city right on the message board. Will offer opportunity for partnerships or sponsorships for various other Advertising Sites in form of direct links.

    f. Featured Agency, and Featured Escort of the week and month. Would include a one page profile with a brief write-up on the service, how long its been in business, featured girls, special services etc. In addition, the previous featured services would be

    g. Affiliate E-Retailers. TBD's own shopping mall filled with the top e-tailers online. Special offers will be available for TBD members.

    h. "In the Biz" Corner. A location for girls and agencies to hang out and share tips, tricks, and information.

    i. Full International Coverage. This will be phased in but will mimic existing content and features on a true international scale. The Escort Review Database will start off with full international capability.

    j. True "Off-shore" processing of all credit card payments. We have established a true off-shore operation to accept payments via credit card. There will be NO local records or accounts for these purposes. This will ensure the highest level of security po

    k. Membership fees. Saved the best for last, Members Only access will be a real bargain. We are still finalizing the actual amounts but would anticipate approximately $7.95 a month for credit cards with a discount for annual membership. Other 3-mo, 6-mo,
    and annual discounts will be available for check, money order, or cash payments.

    Thank you for all your support and patience. We really feel you will benefit along with TBD from these upgrades and additions.
  2. paladin


    Most Definitely

    TBD is definitely launching a new PAY site. He will, however, continue the free site too. From the email he sent me, it doesn't seem like there is much value added for the PAY site. So, I for one will stay here or maybe the TBD free site.
  3. candie



    lol Ozzy!
    so cute....

    Thought that was he was gonna do, though since he is bi polar its hard to tell most of the time.

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  4. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    There will still be Free Boards, but there will also be Member Boards too that will be for a fee.
  5. Ozzy


    told you so.
  6. Phantom


    Might not so far fetched after all. Anybody else get a pop up window asking for a user name and password when you try to access the site? Next step, PAY, just like JAG.
  7. nj george

    nj george

    don't know, but it sure sounds like another case of his chain being yanked. i am remaining skeptical and will believe it when i see it.
  8. ew

    ew Silver

    I could care less. Proabably would mean more traffic here though. Lots more.
  9. candie


    TBD is going to a paysite? I heard that and was wondering if that is true or not.