Is the NNJ MP scene dead?

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by sharked, Sep 7, 2001.

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  1. sharked


    thanks for all the replies. I guess I was just being a bitch cause some of my favorite MP's went down. I know some of them still operate but I'm kinda scared to go to em. I can't seem to find any info on the place in Montvale. BTW: I went out to a AMP in Old Tappan. I'm not even gonna write this in review form cause isn't too much too it.
    Chinese Accupressure in Old Tappan. couple of chinese girls. decent massage as any asian place. simple HR. 60 door and 40 tip.
    Next time I have a massage urge, I'm just gonna go to heavenlyexit. Or save a couple of bucks and go back to incall girls.

  2. ryan


    Place: Reward and Pamper
    Girl: Cassandra
    Location: Rutherford, NJ
    Phone: (201) 939-7107
    Price: 70 + 100
    Rating: excellent

    I'm pretty sure this place has been reviewed before. Showers and jacuzzi, great facilities, very clean, 70$/hr. Cassandra is a hottie. Young hispanic girl, maybe 5 lbs extra but a great body, nice tan. Cute girl with spectacular full natural breasts, probably a D cup. Terrible massage skills but familiar with other limited manuevres sure to please. One of my favorites.
  3. ryan


    Place: KTC
    Girl: Raquel
    Location: Englewood, NJ
    Phone: (201) 816-9011
    Price: 50 + 100
    Rating: average

    They advertise on massageplaces and Steppin Out. Again, a rather unimpressive facility. Not so clean either. Easy to get to just off Rt.4. I took the 50$/45min session. No choice of girls. Room is simple although they do have showers here. Raquel is a thirty-something hispanic lady with long frizzy hair, slim, tan, B cup. She wasn't unattractive, but not really my type. Friendly. Average massage technique, a bit sensual. After I turned over I'd say she provides a decent session. I'm not sure I'll try this place again however. If I do I would probably ask for someone else, since as I said Julie wasn't really my type. I think some analogies with pines may apply here.
  4. ryan


    Place: The Days
    Girl: Julie
    Location: Paramus, NJ
    Phone: (201) 460-1230
    Price: 60 + 100
    Rating: average

    They advertise in Steppin Out. Very very simple setup nothing to write home about. Small place, front lobby where the girls hang out, two small massage rooms in back. No showers or jacuzzi. Standard massage tables and radio. There were two girls available when I went, a busty american blonde girl who didn't appear to be very interested in greeting me, and a very friendly hispanic american brunette girl. Both about late twenties. I had a one hour massage with Julie the brunette. Nice natural C-cup breasts, very tan body. Friendly but her massage is nothing special although she did know some russian techniques. Free roaming. The hour was only 40 min. Nice time and I like Julie, but her work is not very inspired and I likely will not repeat.
  5. ryan


    Place: Siberia
    Girl: Margaret
    Location: Little Falls, NJ
    Phone: (973) 256-6316
    Price: 50 + 70
    Rating: above average

    Saw the ad in Steppin Out but they also advertise on massageplaces under the name Holistic Center. The ad says "Come and unwind in a Sensual European Setting" which is a stretch of the imagination. Very basic furnishings, clean second floor location on one of the main streets so fairly easy to find. A good looking twenty-something blonde russian girl greeted me in the front area and booked my session, 50$/45min. One hour is 60$. The massage room I had was very simple, standard massage table, radio, no shower no jacuzzi. Unfortunately I didn't get the blonde girl for my session but instead a very plain looking late-thirties russian woman who was slightly overweight. Brunette, natural C breasts. Margaret however had an outstanding massage technique, about ten minutes of strong massage then the rest was all very light touching with nails and fingertips. It felt great, especially when combined with her sensual massage. She also provided some russian technique and I was very satisfied. Overall, Margaret will never be in Playboy, but she's a warm, friendly lady with good massage skills.
  6. ryan


    I agree there are plenty of options in NNJ. Finding a great girl at a nice place takes a little more work to find.

    Here's some reviews of places I have been in the past couple months. All of these girls are familiar with russian massage.
  7. aceofclubs26


    russians in montvale

    Is there someone you could recommend at the russian place in Montvale? Any description?
  8. YankeeCrankee


    NNJ Massage

    Rt. 23, 10, and 46 are practically lined with MP's. Check the Star Ledger or The Record. Most of the places have been around a long time. You need to call and ask for an address, most don't have big signs out front.

    I find it interesting that several people have reported not getting a HR on the first visit. I never had that problem, actually, at some of the AMP's I have been to, the HR was just done, without me asking or any discussion of tip. Seems like the providers are either real chatty, or dead silent.

  9. SpaMonger


    sharked, what are you complaining about. There has to be at least 30 MP's in Bergen County alone listed in the Record.

    The answer depends on what you are looking for. For a good Asian MP with HR, try Studio 205 in Saddle Brook.

    For MP with FS, I suggest Russian place in Montvale, sorry I forgot the name.

    There's lots others and I'm sure some members will post more suggestions.
  10. sharked


    I stepped away from the MP scene for a while to indulge in the incall escorts. Now that I take a look, seems like everywhere that I used to go to is busted. Any good reccomendations in Bergen County? Or is it dead?