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    In terms of stds, there's not much difference.

    Two cases.

    1) You followed the basic rules of safer sex: condoms for oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse; a dental dam or saran wrap for daty. In that case your only possible exposure is to diseases such as herpes (HSV, which can be spread by skin contact outside of the condom-protected area) and perhaps warts (HPV) the same way. In both cases your odds are based on contact with affected areas. It makes no difference whether someone else has sex with her recently.

    2) You engaged in high-risk behaviors such as unprotected intercourse or oral sex. In that case if you are following another client and you come in contact with his sperm, you can pick up whatever he deposited in the way of HIV, HSV, HPV or any bacterial infection such as chlamydia, nonspecific urethritis, etc.

    In either case your statistical risk is low.

    The main thing you can pick up from being her third, fourth, or fifth trick -- sorry, I mean highly honored and respected client -- of the day would be whatever attitude the previous guys left her in. If they were assholes you may pay a little for their sins. And if they were nice to her, you may reap the rewards.

    In terms of disease, remember that you can never control what another person has done or says they have done. The only risk factors under your control are your own behavior such as condom use and common sense.

    Hope this helped.

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    The Jag board used to have a "ask Dr Jag "feature. Could UG have a similar section?

    Would like to know-is there a big difference health wise between being a provider's 1st customer of the day against being her 4th or 5th customer? What can be passed on from her day's previous clients?