Is there a right time to go to an establishment..?

Discussion in 'New York' started by JohnJ, Apr 30, 2001.

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  1. pfloyd


    Do any of the girls at Nicole's travel to Greece?
  2. nj george

    nj george

    the best time to go to an establishment?

    for me personally, the best time to go is when i have a hardon!

    but i agree, early in the shift the girls may be fresher.
  3. RoosterC74


    Response to Fishfry

    As I stated in my earlier post, I have not ever been to Julie's. Therefore, I am not prepared to make statements about her place. However, I have heard wonderful things about it. But I have enjoyed myself at Nicole's. And for the accents, I heard and felt Cecilia loud and clear.
  4. fishfry


    Nicole's session takes place on a tiny massage table with girls who don't speak much English. I don't see how you can even compare that to Julies.
  5. RoosterC74


    Response to JJ Bond

    As for which place is better, Julie"s or Nicole's I really do not know. I have never had the pleasure of visiting Julie's, but have heard great things about the place from people that I have come to really trust. As for Nicole's, it is a very fine place. Nicole and Lauren will set you up with exactly what you desire. I have found the place to be very nice. As for the the other information, this is the way I went about it the first time I visited Nicole's. The web. site is (I believe). You then send Nicole an e-mail and she returns it promptly-with a number and some pic's of girls that you may wish to see. As for me, I can say nothing but positive things about Nicole's place. And as for Cecilia, she is certainly a gem. I do believe Nicole is having some temporary problems with her web. site at this moment.

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  6. jjbond


    nicole's phone number

    I have a question for the guys who have been to nicoles what is there web site address and phone number and do they allow new customers. also what is better if any one knows julies or nicoles. thanks.
  7. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    I think Ivy is gone!

    I think she left a couple weeks ago!
  8. RoosterC74




    I agree with Carl, a pre-arranged visit to Nicole's is always a good choice, no matter what the time of day or evening. Also, Carl's recommendations of girls-is right on target. The only name I would add is Ivy. Lauren did introduce me to her several weeks ago when I was at Nicole's Place-she is very fine looking.

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  9. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Get The First Appointment!

    The girls are most fresh then, you do not want sloppy seconds!! At Nicoles try Cecelia, Margo, Fran or Vivian

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  10. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner

    Hi gang.

    After two weeks of being a member of this board I have to say that both the guys and gals have been very pleasant. I've enjoyed reading the posts as they are quite inteligent and rarely obtuse (except for the one flare up recently).

    Any questions regarding this new hobby I have been exploring has been graciously answered. This in mind I just wanted to say Thank You. : )

    Now that I think I've narrowed my choice for a first visit between Nicoles & Julies, pending of coarse that they would even take me on as a client, I still have a question regarding timing.

    What I mean to say is... when is the best time of day for a newbie to ask for a visit. Afternoon? Early Evening? Late Evening?

    I do know that I am being clocked, but I don't want the feeling of being rushed.

    I think the less people there...both men and women... the less uptight I would be.

    Also, any suggestions on the right gal to visit (as a 1st timer at either of these establishments) would be great.

    Please post or email me.

    Thanks again
    John J