ISO Asia formally of NJ Jewels

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by biggod, Oct 21, 2001.

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  1. Bill Furniture

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    You mean there's a camp? :)
  2. njjewel


    The Reason for the High turnaround at Jewels

    Hi , this is Jewel and to respond to your question sir ... We have such a high turnaround due to the fact that if the girls do not pass randome drug tests as well as check ups we ask them to leave.. We run a clean establishment and for the money that we ask we want to give you the best.. We do change girls buit as i said it is for the benefit of the provider as well as the hobbyist... Hope you use us soon..



    PS: 9lives you are a sweetie and are always welcome in the Jewel camp......
  3. 9lives


    I've used NJ Jewels, and in fact they have always treated me well. When my preference wasn't available, I was offered an alternate. The phone is always answered by a responsive person.
    I have seen Lexi. She has a nice bod, and a nice personality. I wouldn't say she was a incredible GFE, but I would see her again. Call and ask, even if she isn't on the web site.
    I have also seen Asia. Personality-wise, maybe a small step above Lexi. Looks-wise, maybe a step below Lexi. GFE-wise, well I dunno about either one.
  4. DannyNJ


    Never used the agency, so I don' t mean to criticize.. but seems like girls have very short turnaround time with NJ Jewels. Last week they had a beauty named Lexi on their site, but by the time I called (2 days later) to give her a try she was gone. I don't see much about them here on UG or on *** or JAG. Anyone have experience with them?
  5. biggod

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    Does anyone have any info on where Asia is today. She was with NJ Jewels but can seem to find her these days.