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Discussion in 'New York' started by llc, Oct 17, 2001.

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  1. Escort_King

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    talking about the old days

    Does anyone remember All Manhattan.... outcall, though did a little incall here and there.
    Forget the woman who ran it. She lived in Wantagh in Nassau County but kept a place in the city as well.
  2. pswope

    pswope One out of three

    Interesting the response here. In its prime,BH had the perfect convergence of hot ladies at reasonable prices(when it first opened on 82nd),you could cop an orgasm for $70(1/2 hour).
    The place was like a great Greek Diner offering great meals for $5. The johns were lined up.

    Even a decent working girl was able to make $5k per week in late 80's at lower prices.
    There's an opportunity for a savvy madame to step in after Rudy G leaves and use this model to build a cash flow machine.
    I'm sure Julie would confirm tha the ladies follow the $$.
  3. jjbond


    place on 82nd

    I saw a real hot and wild red head there, i think her name was allison, she was the bomb, great body great service also. that was many years ago when they were on 82nd st. and you are right when they moved from there it went down hill.
  4. ny_dc_bl

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    Fond Memories

    I remember an exquisite girl named Natalie... Blonde, and GORGEOUS! and, my oh my... what an experience.
  5. wimpy


    Body Heat

    Few years back it was one of the best. But from the time they moved out of 82nd street, things were never the same after that. They have pics of girls who no longer work for them. Talk about false advertising!!

    Jessie was my favorite there along with Shiela/Daniella.

    The good ole days.

  6. pswope

    pswope One out of three

    Here's more info than you need;

    BH,in it's heyday boasted the finest ethnic ladies of any cathouse in NYC(hey even the great,but MIA,Dr J,did an apprenticeship there),where a budget minded john could get a no frills orgasm for a buck and a half.

    Its madame Terry,having retired a wealthy woman,today,BH exists as a shell of its former self,mostly to provide employment to her sister and brother.
    Where it used to do 50 to 75 sessions a day(with 15 girls a shift),it now does 2 or 3(with 5 to 7 ladies). Thus,the selection both number and quality has diminshed. Still,one can still find some of the ,most attractive latinas and women of color in the city here.
    The service is still no frills commercial and the price for incall is 220/hr.
    A savvy john inclined towards ethnic types can still find satisfaction,the way a savvy diner can get a good meal cheap at a diner.

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  7. llc


    I remember seeing a couple of reviews on JAG when I was a member but that was a long time ago. I was reminded about them when I clicked on an old bookmark today. Does anyone have any recent experience with this place? I called and was told outcall = $$$. Thanks in advance.