ISO Cheap Action in South Jersey

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by hawkster68, Jul 6, 2001.

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  1. Escort_King

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    Cheap Action SNJ

    The Clover which I think has changed names since I left the area (next to the Ballys/Sports Authority shopping center) on Rt. 73 used to have workers hanging out... a mixed bag... though $40-50 for FS... mostly crack etc addicts... though on weekends girls would come in and there would be some decent ones... You mat want to go over the bridge and hit Kensington St in Philly... there are a lot of workers on that street... scary stuff in Camden... there are a few services in newspaper.. have various girls say $150 for hour... can talk girls out of clubs but you are going to be paying $200 and more...
  2. littleguy

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    Do you consider $250 for 2 hours, or $250 for 3 hours to be cheap ?
  3. woodman


    Try taking a walk around the motel at the Erotic Cafe. I've been approached a few times by girls who have rooms there looking for business. Not all great but have seen 1 or two cuties. Can usually bargain for under $ for FS
  4. Ezrlove


    I am not sure what you consider "cheap" but I have met Ginny and she is a nice girl. I did not have a session with her but we spoke for a few hours.

    I just checked her web page and see she has raised her prices. She is definetely not cheap. Sorry
  5. hawkster68


    Anyone have any good spots for some reasonably priced action. It can be independents or even clubs. One of the best clubs I have frequented is Erotic Cafe on Rte. 73. Nice ladies and excellent dances. I would appreciate any leads for my area.