ISO ?? Dominique from MTC and a couple of questions

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by BennyHill, Nov 5, 2001.

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  1. Bobbycat


    Do we have to e-mail you privately as not to make your self promoting so transparent, Seems that you are here as a self post, start out talking about Pines, quickly wizes pass 1 or 2 places both of which are no longer with us since Ultima is closed and the girl your looking for is no longer working and then you zero right back to your own location, pines and Nirvana, is business that, bad? Dont try to play on the hobbiest on this boards intellect As stated in your post the girls in both places on a whole, are pretty disappointing. Nirvana's won't take appoints half the time as if those fat ugly chicks can afford to be picky, I sent a friend who was visiting from out of town, over there and they gave him a problem getting in, when I later spoke to one of the providers over there she told me, theres a possibility they are being watched by LE, and that I should have given the guy my secret code to get in. Keeping that in mind, I think I will just steer clear weighing my odds of getting a fat, ugly chick and a close encounter with LE, I dont want either.

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  2. BennyHill


    Ok Ok sorry just trying to be careful, the person i was refering to is from Nirvanna, her name is Lisa, very hot hispanic, body like J Lo, She like Billy Joel and Frank Sinatra

    She has a good personality for the most part, was cold in the begining but not now that i am a regular

    Massage skills are average at best

    So i hope now someone can please help with my questions, and based on comments from this board i made a visit to Pines to see Casey, see my review later
  3. Slimmy



    Havent heard anything about Route 23 in Wayne. But I can guarantee that LE will shut something like that down fast! Wayne wont put up with it.
  4. DandyDon


    Benny, I gotta agree with HDB, this forum works because we ALL contribute info. If you want your questions answered, you must also be willing to share your knowledge with the board. I hope somebody can answer you about Jamie because I too thought she was the best one at Ultima. Sorry to see Ultima go, but I had heard that the owner was trying to open a place somewhere on Rt.23 in the Wayne area. Can anyone reaffirm this rumor?
  5. HornDogBuddah


    BH -- one of the rules on this is board is to avoid "email me for the inside scoop" kind of posts. If you have good info, why don't you share it with us. If you don't want to share, then you're violating the very spirit of your own post (i.e., asking for but not giving any information).
  6. BennyHill


    New to this board, what a wealth of information, going to defintly check out some of the names i have read about in here

    Back in the day i would frequent Tropical Touch and visit Haley, later found her at Nirvanna

    Was also a fequent visistor at Ultima, Pines, and sometimes MTC, which brings me to my question

    Called MTC and found that Dominique was no longer there, any body know what may have happened and where she may have ended up, any info would be appreciated as she always gave me a great session

    Also is Casey still working at Pines/Nirvanna, i hear her name mentioned but dont know if it is the same one that is their now?

    Last but not least is Jamie from MTC the same Jamie from Ultima in Lodi

    Since i have asked all these questions i think i should contribute a little here too, i havent seen her name mentioned her and she is defintly my favorite right now, reminds me of J Lo a little bit, very hot, nice body, works at Nirvanna, can be a little cold sometimes but always gets a good session for the most part, if interested email me, for her name