iso Halley of pines

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by lordruvane, Sep 7, 2001.

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    [/B][/QUOTE] The girl your looking for Used to work at Pines as NIla is now at the ritz, working under the name Tanya, very nice russian girl, enhanced c-d cups

    I think I saw Tanya in passing at the Ritz. Short blonde hair? Is she FS?
  2. medicineman23



    I do not know if this is the same girl you speak of but I was at The Pines last night & saw a girl by that there several nights a week & at Nirvana on I think she said Thursdays. She was a little hottie from Brazil..had a great session. CBJ, FS! She really got into it not like some of the other girls there. As those of you who frequent The Pines know it can be hit or miss unless you know the girl.
  3. Bobbycat


    Re: Haley

    The girl your looking for Used to work at Pines as NIla is now at the ritz, working under the name Tanya, very nice russian girl, enhanced c-d cups

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  4. sod


    AAAAAHHHHH Gabrielle . . . . .

    Gabrielle was the best massage provider I ever experienced. I used to live two blocks from Nirvana, and I was a two-times-a-week customer because of Gabrielle. Damn I had some good times with her. One time she treated me to lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant after a session. Cool woman. I have no idea what she's doing now, as I moved away from the area and stopped going to Nirvana. Good luck finding her, and if you do, feel free to post her whereabouts on the board.
  5. pchotmail


    iso Gabrielle of pines/nirvana

    Was wondering if anyone remembered or knows if she is still around. She had long brown here and a great attitude not to mention a smokin' body. Always wanted someone to play with her peach :). Going back about 2 yrs.

    Also some others

    Rachael - My second favorite after Gabrielle
    Bobbi - 2 cups served with pleasure

    Oh what I would do to have one more session with any of these three.
  6. xbanker



    Every time I see a red RX-7, I still get a hard-on and find myself chasing the car!

    Haley was an unbelievably beautiful, young, intelligent, and friendly provider. I still miss her!

    I used to frequent George's places much more than I do now, but I'm still friendly with a few girls who know her. They confirm she married a client and had a baby, but I know nothing more.

    If there was one provider who could "make me write bad checks" it'd be her. It's scary to think how much I'd probably pay for one more session................

    Anyone else remember one of her favorite teases........."You may find this wierd, but I want you to sit in that chair.............." ?????

    This thread drew me out of perpetual lurk-mode. Maybe now that the cherry is broke, I'll try and contribute a little more.

    I recently read that a "Mila" or "Nila" works there now. Does anyone know if this is the same petite blond (recent enhancement around the time Pines got busted)russian girl who worked there at the same time as Haley, or someone else?

  7. lordruvane


    glad to see someone else with the same memories. ok how about a very pretty american girl from nirvana. think her name was Casey. now im tolking like 5 years ago. i heard she was in a bad car wreck and busted up her leg really baddly then never came back after that. I miss her more then anyone else. she was my first FS massage. lordruvane
  8. hazmat




    I remember her fondly. I think she was studying computers or something like that. Very smart girl..she left after they got busted (not sure what the story was) Ever since they have had very few All American types like Haley. Most are South American now.

    I thought she was sexy when she wore her glasses in session...WOW !
  9. lordruvane


    does anyone remember this girl from pines and nirvanas?
    im talking way back probably 2 years ago. she was a tall thin blonde about 20. drove a red rx7. i was told by one girl she got married to a client she one told me she worked in tropical touch in longbranch. till they got closed down. what a great fs. lord ruvane

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