ISO info about ladies on this link....

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by hawkster68, Jul 27, 2001.

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    Rena and Rachel are the same person. A guy saw her and said he got a BBBJ for about 20 minutes, he came, then she left. The guy wasn't happy. I spoke to another guy who saw her, said the same thing but he thought it was ok, since he usually only stays for one pop.

    Candie is listed there, but you don't need me to tell you about her <grin>.

    I don't know anything about the other girls.
  2. hawkster68


    ISO any info on the ladies at this link(AC area)

    I am considering one of these ladies since they are relatively close to me. Does anyone have any reviews or info on them. I would appreciate any help. Specifically the Atlantic city area...Here is the link:

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