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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by HappyGilmore, Sep 27, 2001.

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    I wish i could recommend someone while you're here, but like i said, I can't find anyone and haven't been with many, as hard as I try.

    this should probably be in a new thread, ie does anyone know these girls, but here are the choices I've found. one of them was reviewed on this board, but to tell you the truth, since she's hiding behind a flag, well, as we would say in school---a dress hides the mess. I'll make her the first one on the list: discussion on this board, but no real reviews. i think she's only during the day, too for 3 times a week. try, but can't get an appt with her. does doubles with Venus of NJ, again, discussed and not good reviews of Venus. I hate to say guilt by association, but....she also does singles, but like i said...

    Now I have used Elegant Encounters, and contacted NJexotics, but not used them.

    EE---I've seen dianne and jessica. Both outstanding bodies, jessica much better looking. Service with jessica is GOOD, but dont' know if it was the night or what, but it was one shot and VERY rushed to get it over with. It was hot, though. (again, there is a discussion buried somewhere on this board.) on the other hand, if I hadn't shelled out more money, i wouldn't have gotten my second shot, so for you guys quick on the trigger on teh first shot, as I am, this is not the girl for you.

    Dianne---well, pretty nice person, but her skills and face were average, (much like my own.) but like i said, a very hot bod. big hoots that were natural unlike the bolt ons of Jessica.

    Anyone seen Taylor of EE?

    Elmo, i hope this helps. would appreciate if you or anyone else has info, b/c i can't do this all by myself! :)
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    Elegant Encounters is a good bet out of Central Jersey - most girls are pretty and will mostly give a good time.
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    Well just my luck. I going to be spending some time in Manasquan shortly and was wondering if there were any good providers in the area. Doesn't sound that promising. Come on Guns you have to be able to recommend at least one good one by the shore.
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    Could she possibly use any more euphemisms on her website ???
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    the problem is...

    she is typical of the jersey shore experience. This girl:

    basically pulled the same stunt, but was a lot ruder about it.

    Interestingly, they're both from Lakewood too. maybe it's in the water....

    metroguy---where are you???? help us!!!!

    thanks medicineman for the advice. wish i heard about your troubles earlier so that I wouldn't have pursued it.
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    Waste of time!!!

    I had similar experience with this girl...words of advise from an experienced "hobbiest" DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME or $$.
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    an update

    hey guys---well, i tried to contact her via email since I read she was back in the thread "anyone try Jen".

    she got back to me, and in fact, even called me. we set up a date, told me to send her an email with my address and phone and directions to my place etc.

    night of the date, i haven't heard anything from her via email nor phone, so i call an hour before i'm to see her---and she like, "oh, are we supposed to meet? I couldn't get to my computer, and i lost your number, so I'm glad you called." what?

    well, i give her the benefit of the doubt, and she says, "well, i'll make it up to you---I give a great massage". She says that she's busy during the day and has to go to philly, but will be back early in the afternoon, so i try to nail down a time with her by saying 7pm the next night, and she says, well, just email me in the morning with a good time, and i said, well, what about 7pm, and she says, that'll be good, but let me know. What?

    and the thing that pisssed me off the most was that she thought I had hung up the phone already, and at the end of the conversation, she let out a "arrrgggghhhhhh" ie an agitated grunt, and then hung up.


    so she emails me in the morning before I go to work, and says, (or whoever answers her mail), "sorry about last night. I'm available for this morning if that suits you."

    are you kidding me?

    so i send an email saying, we said 7pm---call me to confirm or cancel.

    i try calling her during the day to make sure we're on or cancelled. She has no voice mail, so can't get thru to her---it just hangs up after 4 rings. since i got no voice mail nor email all day, i set up with ElegantEncounters, and at 6pm, am finally able to contact her and cancel.

    she does not seem heartbroken about it---or for that matter, really aware that she had an appt.

    She'll be away in Cancun for a week, for any of you interested.

    If anyone has a better experience with her, let me/US know, please!!! i mean--is this girl for real?
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    I got the same reply but she also stated she will be in DC and Florida returning home on NOV 10th
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    I got a response....

    Hi guys---i don't post much, but when I saw this original post, i decided to check her out via email. I "DID" get a response, but didn't follow up, as I was waiting for maybe this weekend. however, if you guys say that she's not answering, then again, looks like I missed out on something.

    anyway, this was her email response:

    >Hello. I am offering outcall only at this time. My rate for nj is 250 and up,north jersey 275,atlantic city area 300, ny is 300 and up, other states are 400 and up, depending where i have to travel. I am full service, however i do not speak greek. I am independent, I am not an agency. I am located in the nj shore area, and i do travel. I do require a name and contact number if you would like to book with me.I am currently taking bookings for next week. Would luv to hear from you. Thank you, sheryl oxoxoxox My Photography Page <
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    Nope, no replies!!!
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    Hey HG,
    Did anyone ever reply, I emailed her but got no reply. I emailed ep also but got no reply.
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    Sexynj4u is great

    What a hot bod for an older lady. Very sexy, not a clock watcher and open to anything. I would certainly reccomend her. Feel free to email for more info on her:
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    Please post or email. Thanks