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Discussion in 'New York' started by gforce, Jun 25, 2001.

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  1. Zeus


    Maybe it's just a simple case of a sophomore jinx.
  2. kaybo



    you make many good points, there's a host of reasons I wouldn't dare to think of as to why it was a different experience for me round 2, and it certainly wasn't about the money. I should have been more objective in my wording, but I was just reporting an honest vibe I got. I know it's a case of YMMV and we all have ups and downs, and she's very young too. No harm intended, but I did mean what I said.

    PS Come on, how can someone diss ny restaurants? we've even got a Chevy's in Time Square!
  3. Phantom



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  4. Zeus


    I saw her two days ago and she didn't seem burnt to me. My time was more like Kaybo's first.
  5. Slinky Bender

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    On 7/5 ew wrote: "Supposedly only going to be around for another month or so".

    On 8/3 kaybo wrote: "I think she's a little burnt .... I think it's time for her to move on or leave the business"

    Does the phrase "Stick a fork in her....she's done" come to mind ???

    I can think of a few things: First, perhaps she really is bunt out. This can either be from more activity in this business than she can handle, or simply the toll that living in a hotel room/out of a suitcase for over a month can take on a lot of people.

    Second, if she knows she's leaving NY/leaving the business very soon, she may not care about 'repeats" as much.

    Third, she could have just had a bad day/bad night before.

    Fourth, it could be that the good session was the abberation.

    Fifth ( and don't take this the wrong way ) there is some possibility that she assumed when she went overtime the first time that you would tip/pay her for the overage, not that it was gratis. This could even be because she forgot what length session you had booked. That would explain the "cash up front", as well as the diminished enthusiasm the second time around ( not saying she shouldn't have talked to you about it, just trying to come up with possible answers )
  6. Flying blind

    Flying blind

    Re: Saw her this week...


    Is this New York City she's talkin about???
  7. kaybo


    Saw her this week...

    The pics and *** reviews got me and I wentto see her for the second time in a few short weeks and what a difference time makes. First off, she's young, tiny, enhanced, pretty, has moles everywhere, very good body (because she's young, not because she works out)

    Our 1st session was incredible, GFE, BBBJ, Asian (we're talking the whole Pacific Rim and parts I didn't know existed), 2 pops, mutual shower... I was quite smitten as we went way over the alloted time and really connected. She almost seemed to refuse the $. The session was laden with whimpering, lustful tongue, hard grabbing, really hot hot hot.

    Our 2nd session a couple of days ago made me feel burned. It was really business like with demand of loot up front (no prob), only 1 cup, Asian (not like the 1st time), CBJ and we ended well within the timeslot, almost equally the $/time "overage" from the fantastically wild 1st time.

    I think she's a little burnt and doesn't like NY very much anyway. Judging from our last encounter I don't recommend her at all. I think it's time for her to move on or leave the business. Our converstion was less than inspired as well(versus the 1st session which was I guess you could say "inspired"), she had complaints about how there's no places to see or any good restaurants in NY. Hmmmm, can someone say bitter for one?

    There's much better out there, period.
  8. ew

    ew Silver

    Recent review on theeroticreview (2 days ago), picture is reputed to be totally accurate.

    A GFE with dfk and bbbj. $$$ 1st, $$$$$/2.

    Supposedly only going to be around for another month or so.
  9. jake


    She's also on NY exotics, blonde . . . thinking about doing some hound-doggin myself . . . will report back if I do.
  10. gforce


    Has anyone ever seen this beauty. Shes on EROS "what's new" section.