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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by duchamp1952, Jul 27, 2001.

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    Out of respect Bill Furniture did not give my User Name out in the Room. Bill is always top-notch that way. However, I will tell you the guy he was writing about was me. I met the K Queen in a Chat Room in late January. Of course, her reputation is quite interesting and positive. Especially with the Howard Stern Thing. It became of interest to me. Therefore, after some heavy negotiations over the internet, I settled for visiting her at her place at the Jersey Shore. Her price was very high $$$$ for an hour-of pure oral. She sent me some pics of young girls that worked for her. I chose Nicole-and spent time with her. The K Queen claimed she was almost as good at oral as her.

    In summary, the place was filthy, the service was poor, and the K Queen has aged a great deal. My recommendation-stay away-you can find much better.
    As for her claim that Nicole had great oral skills-I can tell you that I can name off several providers that were far better. Just a few include: Cecilia, Body2See, Long Island Dawn, and our own Mercy Dancer.

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    I spoke to K-Queen in The AOL Room Romance-Escorts, she had a link to a site where it showed her and some young girls. I passed this info onto someone from this board who drove down to the NJ Shore to see her. He said she looked pretty bad and chose one of the young girls. Dirty place, not so good service. He said that K-Queen charges $400 for her services, which didn't seem worth it to my buddy.
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    Has anyone heard about or from the Queen? She was a great lady. A few too many problems, but a real sweetie.