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Discussion in 'New York' started by Walkin1, Jul 16, 2001.

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    The Pines is $20. during the day.
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    Eggbeater? ROTFLMAO!
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    Getting out my egg beater

    This is going back a couple of years, but there used to be a service that operated out of a dive hotel on 25th between Fifth & Sixth, mostly Latin girls. They advertised in New York Press. One provider was on at a time, and she would be in New York for only about two weeks at a time. So there was almost always someone new. Anyway, the room they used at this hotel had a smallish jacuzzi (but plenty big enough for two).
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    Thanks for the info. Since I live in NJ, and work in NYC, the Loop sounds closest to what I'm looking for.

    The Madison Club is nice for what it is. Some nice masseuses, but not FS. I have had some nice times there, though.
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    Check out my Hotel List in the General Category!

    Bayside- The Anchor on Northern Blvd is around $75 for 3 hours- Jacuzzi
    Westbury- The Pines off Old Country Rd is around $60 for 3 hrs- Jacuzzi
    There are others in Nassau and Suffolk too.
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    I'd sooner go skinny dipping in the Love Canal than use the hot tubs at Le Semana.

    Deauville reputedly has a room with a Jacuzzi,but it's not routnely offered as a short stay room. My guess is if it's unoccupied and you ask for it ,you could get it. Helps to slip the desk clerk a $10 spot. $50 -4 hours. 29th St,just east of Park.

    Madison Club has sauna facilities and offers rubs w/ extras. 36th west of Madison.

    When Julies is quiet,for a $20 tip,one of the girls will rapidly rotate an eggbeater while you and your date take a joint bath(if you're into the Brando and Maria Schneider thing).
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    I've been there a few times and it's one of the better if not the best for the money, short stay motels. It's about $60 for 4 hours (I think). Anyway it's safe and no one gives you any grief about things. Must be because it's owned by local cop (s). Maybe retired from the force, not totally sure but this place is, as far as I can tell a no hassle experience. All rooms have large whirlpool type tubs, mirrored walls and ceilings (nicely done) and decent size rooms for the price. Btw this is a well know spot for people who have "occasional" non hobbying rendevouz. So it's popular and gets very very busy at times. So busy that they run out of rooms.

    But to reiterate, this place is in NJ

    Peace Out

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    I've never been there, but La Semana on West 24th (
    advertises en suite hot tubs. They also advertise on late-night cable access shows in Manhattan, suggesting that it's not just tourists who snap up these rooms.
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    I'll probably strike out here, but are there any places out there (incall or hotel/motels) that offer any extras like hot tubs, saunas, pools, etc? There was a place a few years ago, I believe it was around 28th near Park that offered a small pool and steamroom as options as part of a session. There was another place many years ago on 22nd near Park that had a large pool in the main lounge.

    God forbid there should be any place around the NYC area that has facilities like the Sybaris chain in and around Chicago and Milwaukee. I had two outcall appointments last year with ladies at this place: what a blast: private swimming pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub in each private suite!

    This would be Heaven in this town. Best not to dream, though. Anything come close in this neck of the woods?