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Discussion in 'New York' started by tommyboy23, Dec 1, 2001.

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  1. tommyboy23


    Boob jobs

    If sexual excitement a mental game, then there is something extremely erotic about a woman who accepts the handicaps she's been dealt. Reality is so much sexier than fantasy, and there is nothing more real than adversity. For instance, I like a flat stomach as much as anyone, but its a let-down to see a girl try to suck in her gut and try to hide those 5 or 10 extra pounds; there are plenty of very beautiful women carrying a little tummy. That said, we all have socially programmed preferences and this bit about mental excitement only goes so far... nobody is going to get off on Olga the 4'10 300 pound hairy babushka, regardless of how comfortable she is with her body and that big plate of blinis because she is revolting physically. But, within limits, lots of body types can be exciting. I find the porn star look of big fake tits, bleached hair, and huge fiberglass nails really boring; I don't think I could have a good time with a girl like that, regardless of how good her BBBJ might be. When I look at a woman, it excites me to see a visible indicator that, somehow, she accepts all the same disappointments the rest of do and that, somehow, she keeps going. (Of course, all of this is easily inverted in the case of a woman who had a boob job simply because she felt she needed the additional earnings power it brought.)

    What this really comes down to, is that I can't stand a woman who thinks only of how privledged she is on account of her G-d-dammed tits. There are plenty of those available if you can stand to listen to them drone on endlessly over $9 vodka tonics and $12 cosmopolitains about their half-assed career, their socially / politically / financially important family, or their endlessly complicated network of girlfriends. Or even worse, when they expect you to drone on about those same topics. I'd rather shell out for it and go home to a decent book.

    OK, I wrote a post, now I can keep drinking. Soon, I won't be able to type :) Yahoo!


    P.S. Where's my damm review already. Can't any of you experts tell me what I want to know.
  2. One Eyed Trouser Trout

    One Eyed Trouser Trout #1 Cowboys Fan

    This is not a woman......

    ......but none other than Ozzie in his string bikini.

    Damn. I think we should start a fund and help this lady get some augmentation surgery.
  3. fumpton


    yes, but think about the face painting possibilities
  4. Phantom



    I think you've stumbled across a disease far worse then anthrax, a disease that robs escorts of their faces.

    Where is the goverment when you really need them?
  5. tommyboy23


    ISO Carrie, possibly of Cosmopolitain Escorts. She's no longer on the list of girls, but a link to her photo found on *** still works:

    Asking before I call Cosmopolitain in the event someone recognizes her before the link gets killed; maybe she is indie now.

    Nice photo, any reviews?