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Discussion in 'New York' started by yysmd, Aug 17, 2001.

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  1. eggy


    Back to the title of this thread, I just checked out the website for le mirage-

    Are these girls for real? If so, any info on Paige or Tori? I linked there from I review from *** and I believe the report listed $$$$$. Even still, this looks good, maybe too good....
  2. Walkin1



    I think you're askng about JB's,and not LeMirage. Anyway, there was some rumor a while back about some LE harassment. This was incorrect, as far as I know. They are still in operation with no especial sensitivity to LE. However they are always very careful.

    What I have heard expressed lately is that the business is too busy. Since they only have 2 rooms, and as many as 6-8 girls at any given time, there are a lot of long waits for clients, and a lot of girls with little or no daily business. This represents possible problems for both clientele and providers. Hope they work it out: Jillian's is still one of the class incall ops in the city.
  3. yysmd


    A while back I read a thread about JB's being targeted by LE and actually being busted once or twice.

    Is that true?

    Is JB safe nowadays?

    any precautions needed?