ISO The Ritz?

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by burgoyne, Jun 25, 2001.

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  1. RobInNJ

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    The Ritz

    I'm a spammer with no dick and I'm stupid too !!! And I have to push my establishment with phoney "reviews" because it really sucks !!!!! how else are we going to get any suckers.....errrr....customers to show up ?????

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  2. nycguy1967


    my 2 cents

    I've been to the Ritz on several occasions and my experiences have been "fair to midland" - the place is clean, the girls are nice looking and I have never felt rushed (except once I got a 45 minute hour), but I've never gotten more than HR there, and never once got the feeling that extras were on the menu - -too bad too, because one of the gals was a real cutie!!

    They are very upfront that nude is $100, but even then YMMV - from a girl who just happens to be nude while massaging you, to a full b2b rub. digital exploration has been permitted and even encouraged.

    if you go, be sure that you get the room with the shower in it - no chance of an embarrasing encounter in the hall.
  3. Richie


    My Experiences

    I wrote this up in exquisite detail on JAG but I don't want to cross post it. In a nutshell my experiences with them (four in all) were all memorable, but for the wrong reasons. Each session had something go wrong. Either I made an appointment and they didn't write it down, or someone came in the room in the middle, or whatever. I never had a simple, walk in, pay, shower, massage, finish, walk out session. Having said that, I found the girls ranged from pretty bad to really pretty. The reason I kept going back is that the first girl I saw was incredibly hot and showed some potential for FS. She was gone the next time I went. Also, the services received were different every time, from a HJ one time to FS the next. An interesting place that I stopped going to months ago.
  4. MJC185



    I went there shortly after they opened (on a saturday) and I enjoyed my visit. Maybe it's a hit or miss thing with the girls, but I had an attractive white girl with a nice body who didn't rush things, gave agreat massage and was happy to give me a nice happy ending (HR). I apologize but I do not remember her name.

    I haven't gone back though because it's not convenient for me to drive to Jersey.

    Hopefully others will have good experiences to report.

  5. Slinky Bender

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    "I went to the Ritz (or shall I say, the "Pitz") "

    It's so funny you should say that, because I used those exact same words to describe the place in that exact same month ( November '00 ). Wow, what a coincidence !!!!!!!

    The only thing I can say is that I believe they were new back then, and they may have improved since then ( but I ain't goin' back to find out ).
  6. jaypgee



    I went to the Ritz (or shall I say, the "Pitz") back in November of last year. I read something on Allison , this Russian blonde who was working there on JAG, I believe. Anyway, I totally agree with the shower situation, and Allison wasn't into it at all. When the hour I paid for was up (at around 1/2 houtr later) she ran through what she did, and when I tried to get more from her, she told me that she wasn't that type of girl and that I should be ashamed for even asking, that they don't offer prostitution, it ws a clean place, blah blah blah. I told her that I would give her a $40 tip for a handjob, and she refused that, but was willing to take the money. I told her unless she did the handjob, I saw no reason to give her a tip. She then told me to get dressed and to leave. She left the room, and I hurriedly got dressed.

    On my way out I saw her in the other room talking to the receptionist, who was this fat, harried looking lady. She told me, in so many words, that I shouldn't come back. I was thinking I would never come back.

    I hope this helps you. There are a lot of better places out there. I have yet to find them, but I digress.

  7. Slinky Bender

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    While most of the reviews I have seen of the place were positive, I must say that the time I went I was displeased. The facilites are reasonably new and clean, but not only didn't I like how they set up the situation with access to the shower, I really didn't like my session. Not only was it "unenthusiastic", but my "hour" ended up being less than half that, and I always find that totally inexcusable.
  8. burgoyne


    can anyone give me any info on this place? thanx