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Discussion in 'New York' started by Phoneman, Sep 11, 2001.

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  1. MrNY

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    "...You got something extra for me..."

    Yeah, Massingil.....
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    Now that was funny!
  3. Phoneman


    weschester gals

    Well I found a place in westchester today in Yonkers. Well guys don't waste your time and money. On the whole whole the girl tried only after she got her rocks off though. The place is run by a young gal about 20 yrs old. I say this because ofthe high school diploma on the wall from 1999! The price was 150 for the hour all inclusive, anal was an extra 40 and kissing was an extra 20(yes they try to nickel and dime you for extras). The girl was not really attractive about a 5. She did give an awesome BBBJ Not TC. I then told her to flip around for DATY and oh my fucking god and looked like cousin IT was living between her legs. on top of that she had a pissy odor to the coochie. Well no DATY for me let her go on with the BBBJ, After the odor thing I was really turned off and told her to turn around for some doggie before I lost my erection. Very unentusiastic doggie, I just closed my eyes imagined it was LOLA from Julies and banged away. I finally came after like 20 minutes. Funny thing when you just want to get it over with you cannot cum, but when you want it to last forever you bust in minutes!? These gals advertise in the weschester weekly under the name LISA's the number is 91496953XX. I guess this is what we call taking one for the team. It was just that it is impossible to get into the city today to get to Julies, so i decided to try something local big expensive mistake. Oh yeah, and after the crappy service she had the ball to ask me "You got something extra for me"
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    do u know of Kimmie

    she posts on NJ board but also handles Westchester:)

    MaryJane of NNJ/Rockland NY
  5. Phoneman


    Does anyone have any information on any gals in Westchester county