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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by candie, Jul 28, 2001.

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  1. April

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    I'm happy to say I did the down load and I am NOT infected (thank goodness!) Thanks for the tip! April=P~

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  2. JackStraw


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    Site below is a great source of info on office, outlook etc.
    Hunt around and you'll find out everything you need to know about sircam and his ugly friends
  3. MrNY

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    no, problem - anything for a damsel in distress...

  4. candie


    Hi april,

    I just delete the emails immediately and take the trash out. lol also if you have windows95 or 98 or millenium its no big deal but they are such nusances!

    MyNy, thanks for your thoughts!
  5. MrNY

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  6. April

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    OH NO.............

    I get at least 10 of these a day. I never download the file but in the begining I was opening the e-mails. The subject line was saying "need your advice" and now when I open up my laptop I get an error message saying my c://prog/mcafee/something or other.exe and this happened with another of my exe files. Is this what the virus does eats up the exe files? If so what can I do? I thought I was ok by not opening the files attached. I infected?
  7. CtMan


    Oct action date re SirCam virus in your computer

    Noticed in NY times today that SirCam virus could lurke in computer and start doing damage Oct 16th.

    Did I read this right?
  8. paladin



    The viruses come from all sorts of sources. Some are more harmful than others. The most common form these days arrive in your email as attachments. Good advice would be NOT to open any attachments if you're not sure who they're from.

    McAfee offers an on-line virus scanning service ($39 for 2 yrs). Every time you log on, it will check to see if there are any updates for new viruses and will download them for your protection. I've been using the service for months now and it's saved my system more than once.

    Also, some email services allow you to filter your messages or discard them as junk. Once you see a virus message, you can tell the system to automatically send any more like it to the junk pile.

    Remember, nothing is fool proof - so, make those backups in case you need them to recover.

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  9. jeffc126


    Re: MacAffee/SirCAM virus

    I've been getting these virus mail asking for my advise for 3days now close to 7 messages now.Some people have so much time on their hands,they have to think of ways to get them selves attention ,they arent able to get in their every day lives.what a waste they are.
  10. neversoft


    MacAffee/SirCAM virus

    MacAffee sent me their update today regarding the SirCAM virus. Screening is now available. Requires memebership (my company provides for my laptop) to download. Not sure of their website addy, but I'm certain that someone around here has it.

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  11. candie


    Thanks for your input SB! I do feel better in that I am still not the only one who this is happening to. Been a full two weeks for me now.
  12. Slinky Bender

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    It's not that it's someone from within the comunity; it's everywhere. The SirCAM virus which is going around "self replicates". It appears that it has its own email server. What happens is that once it gets into your system, it grabs one of your Word documents ( at random, so it could be sending out something you have with all sorts of you personal info on it ), imbeds the virus in it, and send it to everyone in you address book. this process then repeats for everyone who you send it to ( when i say "you", I mena that the virus sends it "on your behalf" ).

    So, once someone you know has gotten the virus, they will send it to you. It looks like your friend is trying to infect you, but they have no idea that the email was even sent. Within the hobby community what has happened is that it keeps getting sent around and around because a lot of folks have the email addy's of lots of other folks. When they get it, they pass it along.

    As you noted, one thing to look gor is messages that are 217K or 218K in size. The other is to forego opening anything with doc attachements. It will be interesting to see how long it takes MacAffee to update their software which is imbedded in Hotmail, since they do not yet detect this virus, and are giving people the false sense of security by saying "no virus found" after the scan, and then folks get a virus.........
  13. candie


    I am very tired of receiving these email viruses. They use to say "advice" stuff but are coming so many different ways now.

    Is there anything I can do? The only way I know its the virus ones are by the amount of megs, I guess. Plus the fact that I never know who they are.

    Its never an inquiry of sorts but now they are using

    Re: escort

    I feel strongly that it is coming from someone within the community of this hobby.

    If anyone can advise me, I really would be interested in hearing some thoughts. If you know how I can get to them, email me privately please as he/she/alien could very well be a lurker.

    Should I just continue what I am doing...deleting? and scanning all the time?