I've heard of inflation, but...

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Monk, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. miss1971

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  2. kassyS


    Love never had anything to do with it.
    Never had anything to do with it.

    Hey, I am good,damn good, I finally realized it and wanted more.

    You need it, I got it, pay me.
  3. justlooking


    Why should she? She's not doing this for love.
  4. Monk


    Based on her traveling schedule, I don't think that she's trying to cut back. On the contrary. And the agencies that book traveling girls keep them pretty busy. Otherwise it doesn't pay to send them around. I think it's more likely that the market has begin to shift upward again. Another provider told me last week that the average asking price in New York was $400/hour. I don't know if I agree, but she was convinced. (On the other hand, she negotiated a lower rate, so it just goes to show it all depends.)

    What pisses me off is that, when you find someone good and affordable, she don't stay either for long.
  5. kassyS


    Sold myself for half hour.

    But that was when I did street walking. Would go back to his place, or a motel and do it. We would do some negotiating in the car and then go.

    When I had a place in the country, my boss man said charge for no less than 3 hours. That is is, no less. This comes out to be a minimum of $1000 up to what ever extras, number of gals, he wanted.

    I daresay that I have seen some gentlemen pay as much as $6,000 for that three hours. But they got what they came for. It was creme de la creme.
    Yeah, the best money could buy.

    Was wore out after all that. Was always allowed a day's rest after that.

    Did not have that option when I was doing hustling. I would have loved to have made $300 per hour. I was lucky just to get a $100.
  6. ricarddo


    Just listen to the news, the stock market broke 11,000 today for the first time in several years. When providers hear that they assume that things are going so well and guys must have so much money that raising the rates will not cause a problem for their business. The most I have ever paid was 1hr/300 and 2hrs/500 incall with the same provider, and I would not do it again. There are good alternatives at more reasonable price points.
  7. weeweegrow


    Most of the agencies are charging $300+ nowadays and they must be getting it because they are still in business and doing well.
  8. genius


    It has nothing to do with inflation - she just thinks she can make more at the higher rate or she wants to cut down on the number of clients she has but not too much on the income. The good business person finds the right price point to maximize income - and that may not be a higher price.
  9. Monk


    I know, I know. We start to sound like broken records complaining about price all the time, but this one has me a little shocked:

    I reviewed a provider from Miami named Sofia a while back. She was among the best I've ever had, and certainly the best I've had in the past few years. Her rate was $350/hour.

    I checked on the agency site that handles her today to see if she's scheduled to visit any time soon. Unfortunately, she isn't. But I happened to notice that her rate has now jumped to $500/hour. This must have been changed with the New Year, since I last checked back just a few weeks ago.

    That's a pretty hefty increase. And while the service she offers is wonderful, frankly, I feel more than just a little fleeced getting charged so much more so suddenly.