Ivory/Ivy is back

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  1. blknailman


    I stand corrected

    Ok, I am in the wrong place. If the site monitors can fix it please put this in the right place.

    And yes, they are from agencies but still there with those agencies last time I checked (1 week)
  2. rob load

    rob load

    yes i live in Jersey so this information is quite useless to me........Also agency girls come and go rather quickly so good chance no longer there...
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    Why this section

    I guess I am wondering why you are posting in this section, the spa section? These girls are agency girls, and since it is NY, I would think belong in the New York section with all of the other agency posts.

    Thanks for the post though.

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    Am I redeemed?
  5. blknailman


    Here is Kayla

    Ok, can you give me a chance to earn my price of admission? Here is Kayla, another of my ATFs. Yea, I know, there can only be one ATF. wtf, its a hobby right?

    This is my review from August that took 4 months to get uploaded to ***. They won't post the updates. She is a somewhat regular. Agency phone number ends with 1357. Dependable agency, great girl.

    The general deatils section should contain generalized, broader comments about the provider and your experience. At this point, do not mention specific acts or price - just give the members a tease.
    Agency well known to me. This was a new girl...fresh to the hobby. I set up the appointment as usual. She arrived within minutes of the scheduled time. I was absolutely astounded by her looks. Open-toe heels, sexy jeans, sexy top with her navel showing, the works. At one point she opened her zipper to show me that she was wearing NO UNDERWEAR! MODEL material here guys. She looked like the girls that work in the girly clothing shops in the mall (this is probably how she makes her real money). She had what I always look for, great body, great face, great hands and feet. She reached for a condom and I said..... I only do ----, and I tip. Her response, Oh, I didn't know. members read on

    Higher priced than normal for this agency but well worth it. The extra $50 gets you CIM. After showing me that she was wearing no underwear she stripped down. DATY was available but I don't dine with providers. Her breasts are perky, nicely done breastjob, not too big, two handfuls. DFK is also allowed but also not my cup of tea. I said to her, it would be great to see a hottie like you on your knees. I said no more the entire session. She stood in front of me and ran those sexy hands all over my body, back of neck, hair and all. She ran her nails over my cock from the outside of my pants then tugged at my belt. She opened my zipper and pulled out the head of my cock to lick it while bending over, saying, feel good? Lots of eye contact while blowing me bending over. She made it so slippery that she was drooling spit all over the floor. Lots of slurpy noises and tongue action right at the tip. She attempted deepthroat but slightly unsucessfull. I pulled her hair gently and she said she it made her feel sexy! She then pulled my pants to my ankles. With her right hand stroking my cock she gently rubbed underneath my balls with her nails, all the while looking up at me saying all types of sexy shit...I'm only 24 years old......I never met you before and I'm gonna let you cum in my mouth.....I'd bet your cum tastes fuckin good.....Do you like how my nails look on your cock?.....
    Lots of slippery hand action with attention to my balls with her mouth and hands. Lots of sexy eye contact. Lots of shit talking.
    She kept going for a while, easing up when she thought that I would blow, stroking me in between. She then stopped and asked if I was SURE I didn't want to fuck her?
    I don't know what I enjoyed better, the blowjob or all of the things she said to me in the process.
    Blowjob lasted about 20 minutes with a good 5-10 minutes of foreplay. All the while she got me on the verge and then backed off. We never discussed where I would cum but I got my answer when I said I'm close. She stroked and sucked harder and sexier and said tell me when. As I shot, she opened slightly so it would shoot onto her teeth. What a scene.....a 24yo blonde bombshell with my jizz dripping from her teeth and in her mouth. She licked up every drop and licked the back of her hand. she the excused herself to spit, very discretely. A second cup was available but I was in a hurry. Great Gal. Hope she stays around long.
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    I guess I've been selfish

    I guess I've been selfish in not sharing this or other reviews over the years. I am quite guilty of LURKING.

    Yes it is a 2 year old post but it gets upgraded the three or four times per year that I see her. Here is a copy of my first review of her.

    Ivy is my absolute alltime favorite. She is so good that I can't even abbeviate the initials ATF. When you see her you will realize that you have hit PAYDIRT!!! Its better than a jackpot. She is the typical girl you see shopping in the mall with her friends that you would love to pull into a dressing room and ...

    I've seen her before through this same agency and I had been asking about her. She does not work often and I wanted to be the first to know when she was back on duty. She arrived and immediately recognized me. She made me feel very comfortable and gave me a session I will remember for a long time. Her pictures are gorgeous, look for yourself, but they clearly do not do her any justice. That phrase is said often but in her case it is really the truth. One thing of caution, if you do not look the part i.e. neat appearance, good attitude, your experience might not be as mine. She will give you great service but for the full GFE she has to be comfortable with you. Regardless, GFE or not, to be in a closed room with someone this slim and petite is worth the price of admission.

    We exchanged our usual pleasantries and she went to work. On top of the $300 I usually tip her $100 to $200 depending on my mood and desire for a second cup. It was after my first visit with her that she would BBBJ. Ivy has the most gorgeous nails you could imagine. This time they were polished dark brown and were very shiny. I could still smell the nailpolish odor. She had them done that color just for me and she told me (she knows it gets me going). One thing about her. When she gets to know you she will remember what you like and do things and say things that you like..... a little diversion Imagine that, a sexy, thin, beautiful 20yo on her knees with one manicured hand stroking your lubricated cock the other gently tickling your balls, looking up with those blue eyes and telling you things that you like to hear. Shot a load already didn't you? LOL
    Anyway... Ivy unbuttoned my shirt herself and went for my belt. She reached into my underwear and put her hand underneath my balls while putting her tongue into my ear. She then said she hoped that my cock would fit into her mouth, telling me that it felt really fat. She then asked me if I would break my rule and fuck her again (She knows I am usually only into oral), telling me that I was just a little too big for her but she thinks she can take it. Imagine a girl from the mall telling you that shit! I almost shot right then in her hand. She pulled out my cock, spit on her hand and stroked the shit out of the head. She then went on her knees and got into the position I like most, left hand gently cupping my balls, mouth on my cock, right hand stroking lightly. She looked up at me looking for my approval. IVY, I APPROVE. She alternated between gently scratching and licking my balls, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock and stroking me. The slurping noises she made with her mouth were enough to make me cum alone but looking at WHO was making the noises made it that much better. This went on for about 15 minutes of steady slurpy cocksucking ball licking and stroking. I promised her I wouldn't cum in her mouth so I gave her fair warning. I pulled out, she stroked my well lubricated head and scratched her nails underneath my balls. My load shot across the room and hit the wall. She rubbed the head till it was milked dry. Second cup was available for me. She stroked me till I was hard again, I found a way to enter her. (Tight as all hell). I don't normally do this and I couldn't last more than a few minutes to be honest. I just kept thinking about seeing girls that look like her walking around the mall, now I'm getting the chance to fuck one of them.
    Guys, I know that everyone says to trust me but really, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. I said this before but now I really mean it. I should not even be doing a review on her. I should keep her as a secret for my own good use, especially since NOBODY has given me a proper hookup for other sexy, slim GFE mall-types. After you see her I will be your new best friend. BBBJ TC but No CIM but it doesn't matter!!!
    SEE HER before she disappears again!!!
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    You've been a member since July, 2002 and this is your FIRST post?

    A 2 year old post?
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    Hey guys, I don't think I have ever posted here but I saw on Eros that Ivy/Ivory is back in town. I reviewed her on ***. Definite GFE. If you are into the prissy "mall girl" types, very slim with nice fingernails, etc., call her. She is Indian/Pakistani I believe.

    She visits occasionally and when she is in town, I call. Last 4 of number is 3311. PM me for the actual number, but its on EROS.

    Thanks for the other info on this board guys. I took this one for the team 2 years ago. ;)