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Discussion in 'New York' started by Dick Able, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Lascivious


    Falou, could you please tell me a Cantonese woman's do's and don'ts. Just wanted to know to expand my knowledge. Like she wouldn't give you bbbjtcnqns or definitely no greek? I don't mean to pry about your SO.
  2. clicker2659


    Re: just bill redux

    well she give u 30 minutes and u dont come.???? something the matter with your plumbing then? better get to the doc and see wazz up???
  3. falou


    Most probably speaks Cantonese also

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  4. goldman2


    awesome reviews, looks like this chick has a been through a lot.....of D!CK...i am impressed she can do the kegel so well. her pics on the website do not look so good, her face looks kinda wacked up. she looks tall tho. ah well, il give it a shot and let u know how it goes.
  5. Mrnine


    Damn, with all the rules, it's not a GFE, it's a WIFE experience.
  6. thrasherp


    Right-on, ViagraMan! If I want a lot of whining, complaining and rules, I can climb on top of the old ball & chain - and that's free! (You get what you pay for) :D
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  7. Lascivious


    JBR, man from your experiences at 24th and now this, I'm shocked you're still seeing asian girls. 300 damage and no load....I would have reacted so wrongly. BUt I guess we've all been there with the bad ones. Keep plugging away man. You're due for a winner.
  8. ViagraMan


    i've been spending more of my time on craig in general and haven't given ny-eros the detailed justice i should. somehow never saw her ad. in my younger days she would be worthy of a try from the ad. i could do without the moans also except i would like the kind of moans i hear on the asian porn sites with the kogal girls. a real turn on. but i have to agree with you on the rules thing. i just hate it. a big turn off. don't touch my breast, your hands too cold. i'm too sensitive. don't touch the face. don't touch i'm ticklish. it was always enough to make me go limp. for me, they gotta make me feel wanted.

    my taste now runs toward a slightly thinner asian with not such a large boob.
  9. justbill_redux

    justbill_redux King Missile

    I was looking to do something outside the AMP circuit so I did a search and found Izumi at http://www.socalfinestescorts.com/ad...5/izumi_05.htm

    Her self-description is 99% correct
    I am Izumi, a former Penthouse cover girl and exotic dancer. If you come over I will show you my original Penthouse magazine. I'm busty, my measurements are 36DD-23-33. 100% natural. I am 5'3" and 110 lbs. I am a gifted equestrian.
    Looking for a long lasting friendship / relationship. My dress size is 4.
    Breasts are more D then DD IMO.

    So I make the call to 646.225.0818 and after playing some phone tag I finally get an afternoon appointment to see her in her E20s apartment. She lives in a non doorman building but is overly concerned about the neighbors knowing whats going on. I was told to be quiet in the lobby and hallway and she questioned me if I meet anyone coming up. She answered the door in this black lace bra and panties outfit and asked me to remove my shoes. BTW this girl is beautiful, the photos on her web site don’t do her justice, English is very good and she has shoulder length hair.

    The incall is a nice studio apartment, fairly clean and furnished with a nice Japanese style mattress on the floor and a futon. Did not see the bathroom. She offered me a beverage and on the service level she offers erotic massage or full, I took the full for $300.00 pay the lady upfront. I strip and she tells me to lay face down on a towel that she put down on the sheets, I do and she starts a shiatsu hybrid swedish style massage with some limited back walking. Massage was so so, she does use a non scented oil which is good, and toward the end she took off her top and was rubbing her ample tits down my body.

    I get the “turn over please” I do and see her tits for the first time, very nice with large nipples that were already hard and I’m thinking this is going to be good. Alas my optimism turned out to be short lived. I immediately get “don’t be rough with my nipples their sensitive” so no sucking/licking. She also goes for a condom right away, opens it and lays it by my side and starts to kiss and lick my body while laying on top of me, no LFK or DFK. Finally she gets down to my hard cock, reaches up grabs the condom and applies it and starts a nice BJ. Good technique but no ball licking and after a too short BJ she strips her panties off and mounts me cowgirl. Totally shaved pussy BTW. And at this point I see this arc of red spots and black & blue marks going across her stomach, which she tells me are shots shes taking to burn off fat cells so she can have a 6 pack, she also pointed out similar marks on her arms near her triceps, again to burn off fat. I’m thinking that’s some wacky shit but….

    So shes riding me, pussy is tight, she has GREAT muscle control down there, a girl who’s been doing her kegel exercises and takes pride in using that control, she looked down at me with a smile each time she clinched my cock. Now shes riding me fairly nicely and starts the porn actress part of the program, “Ohhh baby you so big” “fuck me baby” “ahhhhhh oh baby” I almost told her to can the BS but that tight pussy keep me silent. After 10 minutes we switch and I tell her I want to eat her pussy, I get a yes and dive into a nice clean tasting and smelling cunt, no fingers allowed and after 3 minutes she pulls me up, says she “too sensitive down there because she came” and wants me to fuck her, I do. I’m pounding her like there’s no tomorrow and shes giving me Porn 101 sound bites again and I’m doing my best to ignore her because nothing will kill my hardon more then that shit. After a while she suggests some doggy, sounds good her head would be in the pillow so she gets on her knees, I pull her ass cheeks apart to get a good look and I can see shes been fucked in the ass a few times. But I slip my cock into her cunt and hold on to her and fuck her hard. Again the BS porn moves/sounds make a encore appearance, I cant come so we go back to missionary, legs on my shoulders me driving deep and after 10 minutes and more BS and she asks me if I want a HJ because she said she came twice, she didn’t, so I pull out, condom stays in her. She fishes for the rubber finally grabs it and pulls it out of her pussy, looks at it to see if I had cum, jumps up and runs to the bathroom to clean herself out. I hear the bathtub running water splashing shes in there a good 5 minutes comes out and tells me shes concerned about STD and her health and HIV and I’m thinking “you’re in the wrong fucking business then sister” and tell her my last exam in the not too distant past was STD free.

    Now its been 30 minutes and I still haven’t come so she starts the HJ and I tell her I need to touch or lick her pussy to come that way, she jumps on my face I start to lick her and right away shes pulling away, I’m pulling her toward me, she finally gets into position and I’m eating her out. But not for long, she says shes to sensitive and her arm is getting tired and gets off. Asks me if I can cum and I say yeah I can but not if you keep doing that. Somehow she takes this as a request for some BB action, BJ or FS, gives me the safe lecture again, I give it back to her while shes getting dressed. Now this is strange, she tells me she thought I would be easy, older guy not a really huge cock so she could handle it without too many problems, but she was wrong. She hands me a baby wipe for the oil on my cock, I wipe get dressed and leave, again playing Mr Secret Agent Man. Total time was 45 minutes, I didn’t come, 300.00 poorer for the experience. I will say this, if you want to fuck a truly beautiful Japanese girl with big tits, a talented tight pussy, don’t have a horse cock and can come in 15 minutes and can keep your hands and mouth off her nipples and cunt, then I highly recommend her, I however will not repeat, too many rules for me. YMMV and standard disclaimers and caveats apply.
  10. wheninvegas2005


    Very nice review...what's the Julie experience?
  11. uwrote


    My review of Izumi - part 2

    She slid me out and asked me to get on my back. She reached over and her breasts scrapped along my stomach to grab some moist towelettes. (Nice touch.) She cleaned me up, almost scrubbing it too hard. We relaxed after and we talked some more. She showed me some pictures on her laptop and talked about her friend who is also in the business. She showed me a picture of her friend who looks very cute but a little on the thin side for my tastes.

    I looked over at the clock as I was trying to calculate if I had enough time for a second cup. Unfortunately, time was running out so I told her I should get going. She told me no. So I thought I was going to get to serve up a second cup. We talked a little more but there was no attempt to start up again. I then got up and moved to get dressed.

    All in all, and keep in mind I am coming fresh off the Julie's experience, the session was mediocre. I liked the almost relaxed atmosphere and her friendly personality. Her 'fun' skills could use a little more work, but then again I'm not a great lover anyway so who am I to say...

    I did give her a tip (it was Christmas Eve after all) and may go back if I do not find anything more close to the Julie's experience in the next few tries. (Or if desperation takes over again without any alternatives in sight.)
  12. uwrote


    My review of Izumi - part 1

    Been a member for a while but have never posted. I did go see Izumi based on seeing this thread and a review or two on a couple of other sites. Generally, my hobbying have all but dropped to zero since Julie's.

    After meeting with a couple of friends, I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting some others. I really didn't feel like going home and as mentioned above, it has been a while. I recalled the reviews and wondered if there was any chance she would be taking visitors that day. (The day being Christmas Eve.) I phoned her and I found out I was in luck. Honestly, I was very surprised with the way she spoke. I expected her to speak in broken English. Not that she did not have an accent or some problems with the language but I found her very easy to understand.

    She asked me where I was and at the time I was in the Village. (This was where I assumed she was from the reading I've done.) She told me to go to an area (which was not in the village) and give her a call back. (The old "two-call" system trick, eh?)

    I arrived at the designated spot and gave her a call. She said she would be ready in a minute but gave me the exact address. At first I thought she needed the minute because she was finishing up with someone else. As soon as I approached the place, some people were coming out. Not wanting to "rush in" and cause questions to be asked, I walked right by the place and pulled out my phone. (I was going to check my voice mail. Good trick eh? Nobody would notice, it is a big busy city!) I turned around just as I was dialing and saw someone wave and smile at me.

    Perhaps I have a distorted view of height from numbers to the actual physical but I thought she would have been taller. She did not wear any make up and so it gave her face a more generic, even plain look to her. Also, being a guy and all, I gave her the once over. She was dressed in a light jacket and jeans. She had her walkman (mp3 player?) on with sneakers. Izumi also was carrying a plastic bag. I assumed it was groceries or something. (Oh, the 'once over' - in clothes, she also had a decent shape - not stick thin.)

    She said hello and we headed into the lobby. She looked at me a couple of times while waiting for the elevator. (I didn't want to say or ask questions in the lobby.)

    We arrived at her place and she asked if I would mind taking off my shoes. I did not have a problem with that and even asked her if she minded me taking a shower. She did not mind and asked me to get comfortable as she readied the shower. I did my thing in the shower and came out to find she had turned on some music.

    I recognized the type of music as Chinese. For me, this confirms to me the review that she speaks other languages besides Japanese. Being Chinese myself, I understood the dialect as Mandarin. As I approached her (futon) bed, she asked me if I wanted a massage. I told her it wasn't necessary so she asked me if I was there for the massage or FS. I indicated the latter.

    She sort of looked embarrassed and said that my choice was more expensive. I asked how much and she told me $$$. The look on her face made me believe that there was haggle room. But I said that the price was fine. Then, being the brilliant man that I am, I did not take the hint. She asked if I minded taking care of business first. I apologized and took care of business.

    She asked me to lay down on my stomach and proceeded to give me a massage. I'm not an expert on massages and can only categorize the massage as mediocre from my experiences with AMP a long time back. Seemed to me, though, she has strong hands but they did not move past my upper back too much. When she did, it was basically down to my lower back. No arms, legs, or anything else. (Like I said, I'm not expert and so I do not know if that is the usual.)

    After a while, she started talking with me. Mostly about the usual; how long she's been here, has she gone back to Asia recently, what my experiences in Asia were, etc. She asked me to flip over, so I did. She reached over to the night stand and pulled out the hat. I guess I was too used to Julie's and was surprised at the action. I tried to remember if she offered BBBJ but did not say or ask her if it was available.

    I heard more than felt the hat go on then she lowered herself to give me a CBJ. (The old "hat in the mouth" trick, eh?) She rolled it down just so far before having to use her fingers. This is how I heard it. Her skill was decent. She used her mouth more than her hands, which is my preference. She did not make eye contact during the time I was looking over at her performing her oral ministrations. Again, I was not banging my head (the one between my shoulders) against the bed at how good her ability was but it surely was nowhere near bad. I could have gone a while longer before getting close to the first cup but she stopped and asked if I wanted mish or cg. I motioned for her to get on top and she did. She put some lube on and got on.

    Her breasts are large for most of our concept of Asian women. They were also natural. I am a leg man so my description of her breasts will not do them justice. I can only say they felt big, soft, smooth and squeezable.

    She moved, grinding her pelvis against me which I find a little distracting. Perhaps it is my small or average stature that she felt it was necessary to do it that way. (Or maybe I'm being selfish and it is the only way she can feel me?) She moved a while and asked me to change to mish.

    A little while later, she asked if I wanted to place it between her breasts. I declined. (I'm a leg man, remember?)

    In this position, I guess she had more control of herself. She seemed tighter and moved with me in a more natural rhythm. And even though I am a leg man, I enjoyed the way her breasts moved in this position. A little while later, I finish.
  13. Dick Able

    Dick Able

    So flunk me in math - LOL. $300 is what she quoted for FS, although she asked me if I thought that was too much, so I'm sure she'd do the $280 others have said they got.
    Breasts are definitely real, although I'd say closer to a C than a D.
  14. jruder



    When I called she said 280. And she accepted that amount with no fuss.
  15. mellowyellow008


    Yes, Dick Able, please clear up the donation requirement. I called and was informed 300 for fs.
  16. scoochamenz1


    damn, the only thing unappealing about her is that i can't afford the 300 to bang her.
  17. DaveNJ


    I was trying to figure that out myself. I'm pretty sure I'll drop $300 to see her, but damn at $200 what a bargain.

    Personally, I find one pic where you can see her face less attractive than other, but either way, she still looks pretty good to me...and damn, what a body.

    Dickable, can you confirm her 36DD are natural? If so, I'm there. Honestly, I'm there either way, but the natural set of cans would be a huge plus for me.

    I'll be sure to post a review after I see her (not sure when that will be since her fee is more than the $160 I usually pay).
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  18. RuffToy


    Noticed this one on Eros but hesistated because of the face. Thanks for the positive review, will definitely program her into the mix. The one thing that doesn't make sense though...massage for $120 + 80 FS = $200 according to my calculator.

    If she's what you say...then I have no problem going to 3. Love the comment about her pussy muscles....ah yes a woman who works out!!
  19. jruder


    Izumi away

    Actually she told she was going out of town for 3 or 4 days and some guy was going to stay at her place...

    Anyway...I paid 280 for fs.
  20. Dick Able

    Dick Able

    Youre right on the pictyures Larry. I expected a pretty ordinary face but I was real surprised when I saw her. Her face is beautiful The body shot on Eros isn't too bad and it looks like her. She looks about 10 years younger thna the photos, but with Asians you never know. She said she's 23.
    Prices are $120 for masage and $300 for FS.