Jennifer Lopez ass and travels to Greece?

Discussion in 'New York' started by bige, Mar 5, 2001.

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  1. littleguy

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    I just heard Bettina is cancelling her trip. Not enough intereset apparently. Damn, and I booked her for 2 separate days.

    Amanda Manhattan fits what you're looking for. I haven't seen her for some time but she is about 5'8", fairly chesty on top and a beautiful bottom.
  2. Xerxes


    Yes, I can vouch for Bettina. She is a great girl. I saw her twice last summer (the 2nd time was for free, it must have something to do with my English accent). She is also very experienced in the Greek department. Provided you do not have to listen to her talking about her private life, it can be quite an enjoyable session. I have written a field report about our little encounter, and should you wish to read it send me an email ( and I'll forward it as a Word attachment.
  3. Ozzy



    i think thats it, maybe someone else could verify that first.
  4. bige


    Bettina contact info?

    Have you met her before?
    Does she have a site, pics, $$$, contact info?

    The usual info would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the feedback Pinga!
  5. pinga


    Bettina is coming to town on Monday. While she is small upstairs, she does have a nice derriere and can take a good ass pounding
  6. Xerxes


    Do you have a copy of my list of Greek providers in NYC ?

    If you have Microsoft Excel, send me an email ( and I'll forward my list as an attachment.
  7. bige


    A Jennifer Lopez bottom that travels to Greece?

    I know a few providers that travel to greece and some that perform bbbj to completion. But where are the providers that travel to greece and have a nice voluptous or bodacuous ass like a jennifer lopez or something comparable to that.

    I find that most people posting or advertising consider voluptous in reference to the top but don't take into consideration the bottom as well..

    I had a wonderful provider by the name of Daisy that worked for wings of desire and she had a great body and during my last visit with her, she spoke greek! But alas she is gone now.

    So, I'm on a mission to find a provider that is fully voluptous on both the top and bottom and that speaks greek. Other skills are also welcomed but if she has an ass that is voluptous and actually speaks greek then I can do with out the usually pse (porn star exp.) perks.

    All contact info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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