jessie AATR, revisited

Discussion in 'New York' started by BigMadM, May 25, 2006.

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  1. l60ets


    I saw Jessie once, I would also repeat. Her FS was not really anything to write home about, but the BJ and other activities WERE something to write home about. (no, i didnt actually write home) she has such a wonderful playful smile about her, while she was getting into the foreplay, it really brought back the feelings of doing something naughty while the folks aren't home with your girlfriend, back-in-the-day. and to put it bluntly she can, as bmm said, suck a mean dong.

    as far as sessions i have had on the island she rates in the top 5. If i were smarter, instead of visiting too many amps i'd put an amp worth of money aside when ever i had the urge, and then go see someone like Jessie once i had put aside 3 amp's worth of funds.

    of course there's probably an equal chance i'd take the money and buy a nice upgrade to my computer (my "other hobby" being computer gaming,,, hence the handle) ... sad but true.

    err, the point being, try Jessie out if given the chance, but might want to stick to bbbj services if you wish to play into the girl's strengths.

  2. megajimbo69


    If you think LI sucks, try Bergen County north of rt 4!!!
  3. nyclap


    We can just disagree on that, I guess. To me she was very plain - almost farm girl-ish. I don't think you'd give her a second look if you passed her on the street. But the BBBJ/CIM was very nice!
  4. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    sorry, I think she has a pretty face. Im not saying dropdead gorgeous, but pretty enough.
  5. nyclap


    I have seen her once and I'd say that while she is a real sweet girl and the service is good enough, there is no way she could be called "pretty."
  6. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I forgot to check the other site, Im sure if you didnt mention this I would have been crucified since Im supposed to remember all this shit.
  7. RuffToy


    You are absolutely right BMM. I play often on LI and anyone who says LI is no place to have fun is way off the mark.
  8. tje1


    Totally concur on Jesse. I have seen her a number of times as Jesse and also as Jenny of prettygirlz. Always a great experience. I've been trying to keep her UTR. But now with the BMM review, I'm sure she's gonna get real busy!
  9. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    dont know when I saw her, cant find anything by myself about her.

    so I decided to put up a few words about this girl.

    I havent been doing this much lately, mainly using the sugarbaby/sugardaddy type of relationship.
    Im not that good at being as sugardaddy, one girl went back to her abusive bf, and the other chose jail over me, oh well, Ill just fade out of the hobby slowly.

    Needed a fix today so called Val.
    Megan, lilsted, but not on, but I was told she is a superstar.
    Nikki-family shit to tend too, so shes not on.
    Jessie was around, and Ill make it short and right to the point.

    Jessie is soft, shes not a hard body, loose stomach, not fat, but loose,
    Shes got these big ass titties, and although not a tit man, its nice to see a real D cup on a woman and play with them.
    Its like when she starts to get up, the tits stay down, cause gravity is proving itself, but they are soft and huge and real.

    Shes a great dick sucker, Fabulous. She kisses, tongue, Daty, I stuck my finger in her pussy, finger fucked her a little, stuck a finger in her ass, shes a pretty good sport, doesnt seem to mind much.

    Why men feel theres no value on LI I dont get it.
    This girl is one of the best values on LI.
    She handles all the acronyms, maybe not greek, I didnt ask this trip, but shes what I think is a total GFE.
    Shes easy going, fun to be around, and shes pretty, not to mention a total whore in bed. Kinda like what we all wish we had in our own beds.

    Great value, a must see if you want the GFE shit, me, these days, I laugh at the gfe stuff, cause I dont see how one can achieve this feeling in 53 minutes, but I play along, kiss, tongue hockey, suck, fuck, what do I care, its supposed to be fun, and Jessie makes sure you leave happy.

    She gets my 100% approval as a must see when on LI or anywhere she visits.

    Wow, I wrote a review, havent done that in while.