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  1. John Dough

    John Dough

    190 total

    yes, 70 + 120 tip.

    she wanted 150 tip for FS, i told her 120 and she accepted.

    I felt it was reasonable , since she gave a very good massage first.

    Will probably return to see how the other girls are.
  2. obiwanboner


    so is that 190 total?
  3. John Dough

    John Dough


    had a good time with Mimi this week.

    She is pretty, a solid 7 / 10 and looks no older than 30.

    massage was decent. after the flip she explained the various options. I opted for FS for 120.
    She started with BBBJ, did a good job, went at it fast and deep with lots of saliva flowing. She put on the cover and then she hopped up on top of me and rode me hard. She got really into it, acted like she came. Finished in missionary position.
  4. michael kirk

    michael kirk

    No. Only 40+ women. same old same old, just more extras.
  5. Mr.Small


    The last time I was at Jin it was a typical AMP, and I was unable to even do any roaming. this was over a year ago. Now that they offer more services , I am interested in a return visit.

    Do they have any young girls here ?
    What type of outfits do they wear now ? Is it typical AMP attire or have they changed to skirts ? Lingerie ?
  6. doublethink79


    They hadn't loaded anything into the van when I passed by.
  7. michael kirk

    michael kirk

    Didnt you notice the police were loading merchandise into a van??? They busted a counterfeit apparel importer.
  8. doublethink79


    I passed by on my way home from work and it looks like they may have been busted. LE was outside with a police van and they had barriers set up to block foot traffic.
  9. YellowDog


    their recently adopted 1.30 fs model seems to be the same as Spa Valley, but slash quality sounds below par.
  10. jaybeeamsterdam


    Recent visit

    Well, I am back from Asia for short trip and decided to check out what was around in the area. Went to Jin and got Lily. They were really busy though so mama-san ended up giving me the ts. This is a haunting memory. Regret letting her do this. First time i have had a washing and not gotten boner.

    Brief massage from Lily, followed by nego and then fs. Really barely passable. Too bad as the place is pretty nice and location easy, if chicks were hot it would be great. Would give Lily a 5 for looks. Same for service.

  11. Phatboy



    I went here a couple of weeks ago and I believe I had the same girl - Lily. She is short, a little chunky and has a loose pussy. I must admit, when I read your post about the girl having a loose pussy, I had to chuckle. I did the same as you - finished up with a HJ, which was actually quite nice. BTW, she asks for 130 but you can talk her down. I ended up forking over 110 plus 70 for the house. Better off paying another 20 for quality.
  12. tom845



    same mamasan, new menu. got there crazy late the other day, like 1am. Chick was okay. really short little thing, about 30 or so. great tits, no ass at ALL (like it was surgically removed or something).

    Good table shower, about five minutes of massage, then I wanted to turn over. she said "what you want? everything?" yep! 130, and kaboom, we got into it. good CBJ, started in cowgirl, then I wanted to try all the other positions just to have the memory, ya know?
    doggie, mish, all that shit. She started to get pissed and said "this isn't a hotel, we can't go all night baby, hurry up!"
    Got me a little pissed, i mean, its not like we were banging for two hours, just trying to find the right pose to complete. Well, i started to dwell on it, and had to have her finish me off by hand, which was actually pretty good. She had a good technique and grip, and the pussy was mad loose, frankly.

    So yeah, this place is great because its REALLY clean and nice, roomy ya know? The chick was okay looking and the price was fair. I'd go back, earlier next time. And next time I'll stick with one or two poses. ha.
  13. gor1lla



    I used to fuck Sandy all the time, like weekly. Fun while t lasted for a couple of years. She had those small little chicken tits and kind of a belly but I take what I can get midday work weekdays as long as its clean.
  14. Tomassan


    so the 1.5 is above the .7 for 220$ total if im reading it right. HH avail?
  15. n00b


    Well that is always much safer, but there is always DATY that I think was probably not the wisest of decisions ... Have a SO and would NOT want to have anything that could cause a lasting problem there...
  16. jras


    great review

    you'll be fine -- little n00b wuz all covered up
  17. n00b


    Change of management?

    Well, I have been a lurker on this site for quite some time, but finally decided to register an account. First, I want to say that while I am not a frequent mongerer, I have from time to time dabbled and used heavily the information on this forum. So, thanks.

    I decided to take a trip to Jin Spa tonight. I have been there twice in the past.. the long past. After reading a post on here that their options have changed, decided to see for myself. Indeed they have. Spent an hour with Lili (not sure if that is the right spelling). Her english was not so great, but communication was definitely doable. Not the most attractive, definitely not a spinner. I remember the girls here used to be decent looking. Not much for a rack, but a handful. A bit chunky, but not fat. Looks almost like a housewife type asian. Definitely short, about 5'2 - 5'4?

    Started with a TS, and some light teasing there, but not that much attention paid. Then on the the massage. The massage consisted of her straddling me and pushing down on my back and shoulders at different points. Not the most amazing, but enough to just relax. I enjoyed the feeling of her skin on mine anyway, so wasn't a total wash. Then as the massage winds down, starts to tease a bit on the boys. Asks me to turn over and then starts the questions. Special? Ended up taking everything for $. Asked for 1.2 - 1.3, but I told her 1. was all I was paying. She said this time.

    Allowed some kissing and fondling, and a cbj to start. Reluctantly (at first) allowed DATY. She seemed to really enjoy this one. Finished in mish. Afterwards she seemed to be stumbling around alot, and said that she came twice ... Not sure if that was for my benefit or if it was the truth. She seemed really tired though and kept hugging me afterwards.

    All in all, a good experience. I always hate myself after doing more than a HE though, because I am utterly scared to hell for the next few days/weeks of the after effects. Hope for the best.
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  18. S1lentSurviv0r


    I know this thread is somewhat dead, But Ive been here recently (first time mongerer two weeks ago) and They dont just give HR. It seems to come out as YMMV as I got FS both times. .7 for the hr, 1.5 FS first time (Mimi) and 1.3 second time (Ruby), THey were both FSTC. The prices were for everything starting with HJ to CBJ to CFS. Nice hot towel cleanup too. Be nice to the women and youll get good mileage :D.
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  19. fortydog


    They appear to be offering a $10 discount (see their CL ad for details). I have not been there in months, but a discount is a discount.
  20. Lascivious


    I was away last week and needed a massage from the long flight back. Man, they really treat people in coach like cattle. Anyway, I stopped by Jin today because I was in the area. I came up and two girls approached me. The first one was older and I bypassed her when I saw the second one approach me from the opposite direction. It's a big place for a NYC spa. The masseuse I had was named Kim. She was about mid 30's but cute and a decent figure. probably a 6. She wasn't overtly friendly but she was professional. Standard table shower and massage. I asked for hard and got a medium but couldn't blame her because I do like it really hard. After 40 minutes, came the light feathery touches and then the flip. She allowed OTC but wasn't comfortable with UTC so I backed off. She gave a nice slow HR and the standard cleanup afterwards. It was nothing special but wasn't bad either. Just your usual rub n tug. On the way into the elevator though, I did see a younger cuter girl, but couldn't get her name as she turned a corner and the door closed on me. Damage was 70 + 40. I still prefer NY health but for 10 bucks cheaper and location convenience purposes, this is a nice spot.