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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Molitor, Dec 30, 2005.

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  1. Hom-sup


    I been to the place on John Street. It is an apartment building which is alittle scary. The last time I went there the kids from the second floor was giving me funny looks.

    I had this so-so looking girls last time. About a 4. I went for it because sometimes the so-so looking girls give you the best service. When she took off her clothes....OMG. My fats ass looks better than her. Her small A-size tits were sagging and her belly was really wrinkly. I couldn't really do it with her because she made me loose my sexual drive. Which is pretty hard. After the 1st cup I said can you do it again with your hand. She says.....I don't like to do it twice. Its not fun. She said she was from LA and she was going to go to Canada next. I guess she is the roam around girls.
  2. Zoltan


    Now in Wood*****

    Looks like this place is now in Wood***** near the train station in a small house. Same $50 door, no table shower, cute mamasan.

    Had basically the same experience as Ekual. So-so looking younger Chinese chick, very limited English, no massage skills, dressed in short skirt. I asked for nude HR, she offered "sex" for $100. I declined. Body turned out to be in pretty bad shape. Belly with a scar. Won't return unless someone else has had better experiences.
  3. Pulled Pork

    Pulled Pork

    You have FS in NNJ. Have a jewel in the rough. I'll be there tomorrow!
    No more tripps to CT ???
  4. ekual2003


    Stopped here a couple days ago.

    As soon as the cute mamasan let me in, I had to lower my voice and whisper. She said people upstairs will hear and to keep my voice down.
    That made me a bit uneasy, considering this was an apartment complex also.

    So, I pay the .5 and get this so-so looking asian chick. She barely spoke any English at all and was very sweet. Had a ruffled skirt on with a string thong underneath. She actually sounds better than she looked.

    Anyway, I get an ok back-rub massage. On the flip, she goes for the oil and starts with the HJ. She asked if I wanted FS, but I declined.
    Finished me with an OK HJ and I left.

    I dont think I will be back here, nothing special.
  5. Molitor


    (201) XXX-2380 Sweet Asian can be found in Bergen Popular Newspaper or online at

    Located on 1st floor of a private apartment complex right off of 46.

    No table shower door is .5

    Saw "Co-Co"m guess what, she is from Flushing....

    Anyway, led to one of two roooms, massage table, standard assortment of paper towels baby oils, you have seen it all before...

    Co-Co comis in she is 30-40 short, if I had to rate her she was a 4. Not ugly but nothing to get all hard about...

    Lacluster massage. Tickle, Turn reguest about 1/2 hour in, I confirm we have half hour left and the bargaing starts. She offers FS for $ I negotiate, I didnt want to hit it so I negotiated 2 cups one by hand one by mouth, naked for .7. No special technique, and complais the 2nd cup that hand is tired, I offer her to finish with her mouth again if her arm is tired...

    On way out I saw other girl, I got the better of the two, I wont be back, no TS and no attraction...