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  1. acuranyc


    Joy Spa

    I saw an ad in AM New York, so I decided to give it a try after work. The facility is big and clean with several rooms. This is a K massage place. Got Tina I say late 30's about 5-6, opted for hour massage with table shower for 60. This place gets busy after work hours, the doorbell kept ringing and I saw a few patrons waiting. Average TS with some nice tugging. Good full body massage. On the flip she oils the member and starts the tug. She stops and asks how much you tip. I say nothing. I try to see if they have a bigger menu. But it was lost in communication. She just says you give good tip, and I agree and she continues the tug with some ball play. Roaming over clothes only. She finishes up with warm towel and some more massage of front and shoulders. She helps me dress and I give her 40 tip. She looks at it pauses and gives a slight smile. I sense she wanted more, but she does not ask. Good thing because I would have laughed. The max I give for an a good massage and HR is 40. She thanks me and walks out. I hate that crap when they check the tip. Total damage 60 house + 40 tip.
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    wow...someone needs a release, perhaps i'll buy u one next time ur in town big boy
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    More then likely a bullshit review, hes done it before.
  4. mikeybaby


    Location on 8th? Was the 60 for the hour??? And i would have said next too when you want more. I thought 20 was the going rate for a tug. So you were being generous.
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    Been three times. First good, second not, third ok...Tina was good but some client didn't like that he got a r&t? was going to call the health depart! Made a lot of noise in lobby. Would I go back? Better places.
  6. crazykid0071975


    Went to Joy Spa on 8th Ave the other afternoon. Only 1 girl available, damage was $60 + $40 tip. Table shower was average...scrubbed down pretty well, jerked a couple times with her soapy small hands. Girl didnt speak english, hence not saying much at all, about 35, small tight figure. went on to massage, so so massage, then comes the dim light and flip. good teasing (how i like it) and tried a few times to touch under clothes, but to feel her ass thru her thin pants, thats about all i got. did a nice jerk tho...nice and slow with some baby powder and almost came and told her to slow down and stopped from blowing up...continued again and close again and had her stop...ok, im a massochist, but nothing like building up that load...then the funny part...third time she gets me near and then says somethign in korean and looks at the clock..knowing that she is pissed that i keep stopping her...i blow my load like a champ and she keeps pumping...all over her hands and arms and my belly...she looks at me in disgust and i just an evil smile. she helped me get dressed and i tipped her 40.. she said more..i said next time and out the door. wont go back, but it was fun making her jerk me off 3 times..hahahaa...i a dick, but hey..if u can it go for it.