Juli is back!

Discussion in 'New York' started by April, Nov 30, 2001.

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  1. jgd


    Ditto, can't wait to see the new pics.
  2. tonka


    I can't wait to see the new pic's of Juli, let us know when they're up on the website. Peace
  3. April

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    Scarlet too!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow .......I hope you guys are horny tonight! I have my 2 most requested most sought after girls avail this evening, so I will do the same thing with pre-booking for Scarlet as well as Juli.
  4. April

    April Member<br><color=red> First in war, first in peace

    Every night I get at least 20 calls asking if Juli is working or if she still works for me. I'm sure many may have even thought that she really didn't and the fact that I never know until that specific day doesn't help either. So I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what is going on with her. I just spoke with her and her job at the airline is no longer there for her (not surprising) What I am trying to get from her is a commitment to work pre-established days on a consistant basis. The way things were she just popped in when ever she wanted and the times were getting more and more infrequent. Tonight I asked her to start at 7pm. I also suggested that her and I go out tomorrow do a bit of shopping at Victoria's secret and then make a trip to my photographer. The picture of her on the web site IS her but it's admittedly a very old picture. There are many of you who have seen her and could probably give her desciption better than I. Her pics make her look almost petite and she IS NOT petite. She by no means is fat but she is a latina, a curvy latina. One thing I can say about Juli is that EVERYONE who has spoken with me after seeing her has raved about her personality. Juli is very "green" so to speak. Her naiativity is almost comical at times........I remember when I asked her about a golden shower and her mouth hit the floor and she said someone will really pay me to pee on them? Then she did it =) Initially she was a "saftey" girl, but I also know for a fact that if you are a nice guy with good hygeine(sp?) and you request it, that you probably will be a very happy camper (along with Mr. Happy!)
    I'm also going to approach her about the incall, knowing Juli and knowing how open and easy going she is I think the response will be favorable.
    Only bad thing about booking an appointment with Juli (same with Scarlet another favorite) usually by 9pm she is booked up all night! So what I'm going to do for you UG'ers is if you think you might want to book an appointment ahead of time to ensure a slot, then call me on my cell 917-523-3947 and I will pre-book it. Like I said she is starting at 7pm in the Brooklyn area. For now the pricing will remain the same, I will say this if I do implement a different pricing structure Juli would be one of the first to have her rates risen, but for now it's all the same.
    April =P