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Discussion in 'New York' started by Crash, Feb 3, 2001.

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  1. Julienyc


    Have Patience

    I am sorry it is taking so long for the new Members section ,it is just taking a bit longer to get things going. Our new place will open very shortly as well. I want everything to be nice for yoiu guys. If I don't do it properly you guys will let me know ,I am sure. I hope you like our new place
  2. kaybo


    I did the same thing and then called them last Wednesday. Tess and I spoke briefly and she said they weren't too sure what they were going to do. Before I could get any questions in, she hung up on me. I'm sure they thought they could get it together and it's taking a little more time than they thought. At any rate, I'm certain they'll be just as attentive with the members section as they are with everything else, when they get it going it'll blow your socks off.
  3. Crash


    Hi, I just wanted to find out if anyone got their password and login for Julies new members only website.
    I filled out the form for my password and login id on thursday and was told that I would get a login id and password emailed to me, and I have not gotten it as yet.

    Anyone know whats going on? Julie said the site would be open on Feb 1, and also the new place. I have not heard anything about the new play either.

    I think Julie should start an email list for her regular custumers, so we can get up to date information whenever she has anything new in store.