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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Slinky Bender, Aug 14, 2001.

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  1. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    We have a winner !!!!! ( please see other thread ).
  2. gwar


    Julie's annecdote

    This is similar to Dociu, but I swear I\'m not copying.

    I remember the first time going to Julie\'s. This was when she was over by Port Authority. I lived over in Murray Hill and made the appt. I walked over (about 20 minutes) to calm myself down and build the expectation. Anyway, I get there and call from the corner, but there\'s no answer. I walk around the block and call again, but no answer. I\'m bursting in anticipation, but there is no answer. I figure it\'s a sign from above and so I walk home frustrated.

    I get home and just before I\'m about to take matters into my own hands (literally) I call Julie again out of curiosity (the little head made me do it). This time she answers. I explain to her what happened and she apologizes profusely. She asks me if I\'d like to come back. Well you can be damn sure I took a cab over. I zoomed over there and called from the corner and was buzzed up. The 2 girls (one was Savannah - the busty blond, and the other was a hispanic woman with poor english) were both finishing up their session, so it was just Julie and I in the small kitchen. This was my first time there, so I was excited and nervous. Julie gave me a hug and I felt her beautiful chest against mine. I sat down on the couch. We chat a little and then the phone rings. Julie is talking with this guy and comes up to me, she puts the phone to the side and says she just wants to make sure I\'m not a cop. I stand up to grab my wallet and show my ID, not knowing what to expect she pulls out my friend and gives him a nice long slurp. My knees almost buckle. She\'s half talking to this guy and half blowing me. She says that this guy is paralyzed and he constantly calls to listen to the sessions as they go on. So opens up one of the doors and puts the phone in to get him off. She comes back to me, unleashes her 2 beauties for me to massage and continues where she left off. She didn\'t finish me off though and soon enough the 2 sessions were done.

    I hid for a while while the other guys left and then Julie introduced me to the 2 woman. Because of the miscommunication (I came by but no one answered the phone) she offered 2 for one or an hour for the half hour price. I was originally going to go with Savannah, but getting that intro to Julie 101, was too much. I asked if I could see her instead and she said sure. Needless to say, this time when she continued from where she left off, she did finish me off and rocked my world a couple of times over.

    And just to prove that I\'m not copying off of dociu\'s story, you can check with Julie. I\'ve been trying to set a reunion ever since, but she keeps ducking me. I actually just sent her an e-mail requesting another one on one, but haven\'t heard back.

    I like others am more more than willing to try out the new girl, but would prefer to make sure Julie herself is still up to par.

    P.S. For my final Julie\'s story. They briefly had a place over on the east side. I went there for an apt. and tried a newbie. She wasn\'t a Julie\'s girl by any stretch of the imagination and let out a pissed off grunt when I accidentally got some \"stuff\" in her hair. I e-mailed Julie to let her know the girl made me feel guilty for an accident and ruined the session. Julie\'s apoligezed for the girl\'s poor performance and said that the girl should\'ve realized, \"You work in a coal mine, you\'re going to get soot in your hair\". Needless to say the girl wasn\'t at Julie\'s for long.
  3. crowe


    I first visited Julies when she was on East 88th, back then I saw Appolonia, a native American woman from Minnesota. And later when she was a few blocks further south in a really cool ground floor apt with a garden, as I remember. I selected the only woman there, a German woman who insisted on wearing as much clothes as possible during the act, and offered the bare minimum in terms of entertainment. Almost immediately, Julie voluntarily threw herself in the game. I\'d like to believe it\'s because I\'m so good looking. But I knew better. She knew a half hour of Dresden sturm and drang would mean I\'d never return. It was a good investment on her part. I\'ve become one of her camp followers, which if you think about that, is a line packed with irony.

    But, that\'s not the funny story. This is. I was on my way to Zimbabwe for a week of work, I\'d been going twenty hours a day for the previous two weeks preparing for it, and wisely, or stupidly, decided that before I get on my flight to Amsterdam (a layover, no stopping for fun there) I would go to Julies and see Chloe. I mean, I was wired, I needed to get relaxed -- immediately. And we all know in an hour Chloe could to more to exhaust a man than, say, a quarterback in a superbowl that goes into so many overtimes, we don\'t see the winner until Tuesday.

    Problem was, Chloe suggested I do a two-fer with a tall blonde woman - Samantha maybe? And what started out as a half hour soon went ninety minutes. Over time.

    Now I get out of the room - and I\'m way relaxed - and promising Chloe my next trip to Africa will definately include her, and I will absolutely buy her that new blue Porsche, but then realize my flight leaves in slighly more than an hour. And it\'s Friday at six thirty pm. Not a good time if you want to catch a seven forty international flight.

    So Julie - you got to love this woman - she calls her car service. She swears by him, and he\'s there in a heartbeat and she tells him he has to get to JFK in no more than forty five minutes.

    Some challenge, huh? But the driver smiled at me and said, no problem. And he took off leaving a contrail of blue smoke. Been a long time since I saw rubber burned like that.

    Well sir, this was the terror ride from hell. He knew how to drive at ninety miles an hour down every back street, alley, sidewalk wide enough for a Lincoln; he hauled ass down dividers, up on easements, broke every traffic law there is, and invented several more which are no doubt felonies and not misdemeanors. One I\'m sure carries a manatory four years of hard time. And all this time, he\'s chatting with me about how long he\'s known Julie, how he and his wife go camping with her and her S/0. He\'s talking like it\'s Sunday afternoon after church over coffee and bundt cake.

    Now mind you, I may have been afraid, but I was encouraging him all along way, and every time he\'d climb over a Volkswagen or go sideways on a building like those Lemans guys do, I\'d hand him another ten dollar bill and say, \"nice work, keep it up.\" I think he made a lot of money that night. And even though my hair was stretched back, the fat on my cheeks pulled tight my ears, and my eyes bugged out like I\'d been raised in a hurricane, I got to that airport with fifteen minutes to spare and a lot of bugs on my teeth.

    So I\'m there, panting like a race horse, and realize, I was wired again. And I was still trembling when I stepped on the plane. Sure, I made the flight, but worse, knew there\'d be no place like Julie\'s in Zimbabwe.

    I want you to know, and she can vouch for this, soon as I arrived back in NYC, I was at her door, suitcase still in hand.

    Julie, I said, I\'m wired.

    I think she lead me to Domino. The rest is history.
  4. pchotmail


    Shooting a load while in tow.

    This was when they were located on 46th off 9th ave. I call Bev to see who was working. After hearing so many wonderful things about Nikita I had to give he a go. I told Bev that I would be there at around 8:00. I drove over looking for a spot to park. I drove around the block a couple of times. It was around 8:15 and I thought that I would lose out when all of the sudden someone pulls out of a spot just a couple of doors away from the entrance. Score. I jump out and run up the stairs to see Bev and Nikita was waiting for me. It was a great session and everything everyone said about her was true. I walk out like i\'m king of the world....that is until I get to where I thought I parked.

    My car was gone. I thought at first that it was stolen. But then saw traffic cops up the block towing another car. I ran up to them to find out that my car was towed. I was in a tow-away-zone and they towed my car to the pound on the west side.

    I had only $20 in my pocket and didn\'t have any credit cards with me. I ended up calling my wife to tell her to pick me up by 8th and 46th. We live in NJ. She was kinda pissed. I told her that I was trying to get some theater tickets for a show and that I thought I had parked legally. All in all we made up. But i\'ve learned my lesson. Make sure your not parked in a loading zone before unloading your load at Julies. :)
  5. Geezy Muldoon

    Geezy Muldoon Gold

    September 1, 2000

    A somewhat darkly humorous story:

    Last September 1st, a Friday, I scheduled an hour to see Inna for her last appointment of the day at the old Palace apartment on 9th Avenue. The one with a red door next to the laundromat. After my preliminary shower, the phone girl (whose name escapes me) showed me into the back bedroom. Perfectly comfortable with my complete dangling nakedness in that strange familiar way phone girls in brothels often are (somewhat like cheery nurses in doctors' offices), we stood chatting for a bit with the door open. "You remind me of my father," she said, "He had eyes like yours." "He must have been a wonderful father, and a fine figure of a man," I said.

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  6. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    Julie's Anecdote

    I\'ve been going to Julie\'s for a little over two years now. I\'m from out of town, so I don\'t get to go NEARLY as often as I\'d like, but something happened to me on my second visit that I will NEVER forget, and was so incredible that I\'d like to repeat it now.

    I was into it with a lovely young brunette, whose name I can\'t remember right now, but I\'m sure that it\'ll come back to me as soon as I post this, and we had been going at it for a while. We were into our second half hour, and as I was not yet aware of the rule for free refills on your coffee, I\'d been holding back, trying to make the moment last. We\'d done some BBBJ (whew!!!), some DATY (mmmmmm), and a number of acrobatic positions, and we were finally in the old tried and true missionary position, and we were going at it like the world was about to end. I mean we were gyrating, and flying through the air, and bouncing up and down like nobody\'s business. Well, as we were bouncing, I slipped out a wee bit too far. In fact, I slipped out all the way, and on the return bounce, I slipped IN the entire way, but this was an entirely different orifice. OOOHH! Gasped the young lady, as her eyes nearly popped out of her head! Wooo! I cried, as my eruption at the new sensation was so strong that I\'m sure I almost shot the condom off! Any port in a storm, m\'love. I said, paraphrasing Fanny Hill.

    Hey, if I win, what are the chances of getting to spend some quality time alone with Julie?
  7. pgold


    First Time Surprise

    My funny story is also a bit embarrasing, but I\'ll post it anyway. My first time going to Julies was on W40th I believe (near the port authority). I had been out of the hobby for a while and had not been with a woman for way too long. Needless to say, I was quite excited.

    Anyway I got there, and went into the smaller room and this one girl, Gina, comes into the room and I guess wanted to check that I was not a cop (though I am not sure about this). Before anyone asked me anything, she pulled down my pants and started sucking. I could not believe this was happening and because I was so excited, just as she pulled off, I totally let go. I missed her face, but it got on her hands and some of her clothes.

    I was embarassed, but we all had a very good laugh about this. I have been going back to Julies ever since.
  8. docicu


    Contest for Julies

    My two favorite Julie\'s stories are these:

    1) The first time I went to Julie\'s, it was on 40th st. I got there and Julie was answering the phone herself. She ushered me in, and apologized that the two guys in the rooms both extended for the full hour, and, they both being regulars, she could not say no. I sat down on the couch that she had at that point in the hallway, and we chatted. She seemed to get frustrated at how long it was taking, and she felt bad because I was sitting there for at least a half hour. She said to me \"Lets make the time pass a little quicker - I\'ll warm you up\". She proceeds to lift up her sweater, take down her bra and thrust those delicious boobs in my face. After I did them proud, she seemed to get a bit excited, and she got on her knees, unzipped me and started going down on me. During that time, the phone rang a few times. At first, she said \"F**k it\" and kept on going. Then after a few times, she picked up the phone, all the while stroking me. As I remember, she even licked me while listending to the person talk, but that might just be fantasy. All this was a a prelude to my real session. Needless to say, I have been a loyal customer since then (about 4 years).

    2) The funnier one was a session I had at 48th street with, I think, Chelsea. Again, I got there at the appointed time, and Bev apologized because there was no room there. Chelsea was free, and I was in a bit of a hurry, so they decided to put up that folding partition and let us go at it right in the living room with on that couch they had near the window in the front. The couch was not up against the window, and there was a coffee table with a glass top on it with the TV controllers on it. Well, Chelsea and I went at it, and we tried a number of positions. We got bored with her just sitting on my map, and, being that at the time I was about 340 lbs, it was difficult to get into any other position. What we tried was for her to sit in the couch, for me to kneel, and penetrate that way. We tried that, but I could not reach (the couch was too high), so put my hands on the back of the couch and leaned up. Chelsea braced her feet against the coffee table. We were hitting a stride, when the top of the coffee table slid away. Chelsea lost her balance. I fell forward on top of the back of the couch, but, because the couch was not up against the wall, and I was heavy, I caused the couch to tip over and it went over. We both ended up in a heap, laughing.

    Would love to do some test driving, Julie!!!
  9. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner


    On one of my first visits to Julies I had the chance of meeting Faye.

    We spent the first half of the hour doing the routine stuff... it was going fairly mediocre.

    After my first release, we started chatting and the subject of kids came up and I mentioned how much my life has changed over the years. I explained that I had dinner with some old friends recently and realized that we couldn\'t relate any more regarding things as simple as TV Shows. I happened to bring up a character named Steve from a children\'s show called \"Blue\'s Clues\". They looked at me like I had four heads and 15 eyeballs. Faye lit up and said she knew that show and loved it...!

    We started talking about some of the things they do on that show and I told her how much I loved the sound that Blue (a dog) makes when she is trying to talk with Steve... so I imitated the sound... it kind of goes like this... poh-poh-pohpauuu-pohpauaaa...... As soon as I did that she started laughing then let out a big snort... I heard her snort so I started cracking up.... All along we rolled around on the bed.... and I grabbed her and proceeded to start round two. The whole entire time I kept whispering poh-poh-pauaaa in her ear.... I think we were so loud we didn’t hear Beverly tell us time was up... We finally had to stop when Bev had to knock on the door to tell us time was up... Faye wouldn’t let up... she lay on her side and took me in her mouth and wouldn’t let go till I finished.... I had to let out one more poh-pohpoh-pauaaaa..... just to have her snort with my &%*# in her mouth....... I left with such a grin on my face....

    I have to say watching Blue\'s Clues is a treat for me nowadays.......

    Hmmmm I wonder if any of the girls at Julies watch Bear in the Big Blue House..... I do a wicked mean impression of Tutter the mouse.

    Thanks Julie.... : )

    John J
  10. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I first saw Julie advertising on NY-Exotics with her friend Nicole in early 1999. I called her and thought I\'d spend time with her and Nicole for my first 2 girl session. When I got to the apartment, a cute girl named Katrina greeted me at the door, unzipped my pants and gave me a CBJ right there in the door! She looked like my boss, which turned me on even more. I should\'ve told them I was the cableguy! I met the girls who were available, and chose Katrina and Fatima. We get into the room and the girls have asses and titties and pussies in my face and mouth. They were taking turns on CBJ and getting eaten or sucked off themselves. The girls kept talking dirty to me, which was really funny to me. Katrina was riding me and saying, \"Wanna do your boss like this?\" I shot my load in her, then they cleaned me up and before I had time to wonder if it was a one pop session, they started up again! They were exchanging oral favors with me, and had me laughing my head off with the dirty talk. Then Julie comes into the room, tells me she always knows when someone has a big d*ck, and gave me a HJ until I popped again.

    My second visit to Julie\'s was also special. I chose Katrina again, along with Nicole. Before we actually got started, Nicole brought a young chubby blonde in who Nicole said had never felt a c*ck before. I let her hold my stiff rod for awhile, thinking I\'d get a triple, but then they led her out.
  11. blackbag99


    Julie's , my first Time

    I recently had my first experience at Julie\'s. Lola was terrific and I had a great time and will be back again and again. now to the story.

    On my way out of Julie\'s I had the opportunity to meet our terrific hostess. She was so glad to meet me and made me feel right at home. In fact as I was walking through the door, she reached over and cupped my balls and gave me a wink. I went home and gave myself 2 HJ\'s in the shower, while I pictured her in my mind.

    Next time I can, I am going back to see Julie herself.

  12. nicejohn


    Dining under the Y...

    This happened back in April and other clients of Julie's may have had a similar experience. I was meeting my spouse for dinner and a show so I had an excuse to quit early and head over to Julie's. I had a wonderful session with a beautiful, spirited Brazilian lady which was even better than my first time with her. We had the large front room which I always preferred. Unfortunately the door was out of commission and there was only a screen separating us from the crowd in the living room. (At least I wasn't loud.)

    After the session I reach my wife by cell to finalize dinner plans. She suggests we find someplace on 9th Ave. to get away from the tourist traps further east. So we meet and check out a few places. Our first two choices were booked up for pre-theater and we were running short on time. Without any influence on my part (believe me!) we end up at a restaurant with an uncomfortable proximity to where I spent the previous hour. Not only that, we get the table at the window. (Note that Julie no longer has this location, but old clients know it and the restaurant well.)

    Needless to say it was quite a strange experience to have dinner with my wife just one hour after and 12 feet below a different sort of encounter with a different sort of woman.


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  13. TuckernotSucker


    It was on a Sunday.....

    .....about a year ago wifey was on the left coast and I visited Julie\'s on Sat night. Saw a woman from Canada, cant remember her name but she was blonde and cute and we had a hellova time. The next day I was at Newark Airport and low and hehold there she was in line, in front of me buying a ticket or checking in. She looked at me and I looked at her, her face lit up with a big smile as did mine and we said hi to each other and she walked away.
    I went to my boarding gate and there she was again. I sat opposite her and she asked if she could join me. We went for a cocktail. Our conversation turned to sex and how good it was the night before. We talked about how we could see each other again and parted company to sit is separate sections on the flight. This was a typical awkward meeting. Awkward because once you know a person on a pay for sex level it is hard, even though the chemistry was there to make anything personal of it. Funny put sad. Pathos.
  14. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Julie's NYC has agreed to co-sponsor the first UG contest. The prize is the opportunity to be the Julie's "crash test dummy". In other words, you get to test drive the newest Julie\'s lady before she goes to work for Julie and give a full report to Julie on her "qualifications". Of course, since this is "work" ( yeah, right ) this prize is with the compliments of Julie.

    The winner will be chosen by UG and Julie's "management". Employees of UG and Julie's, and their families, not eligible.

    The contest winner will be the person who tells the most amusing ( but true ) "Julie's annecdote". So, guys and gals, put your thinking caps on and try to remember the funniest thing that ever happened at Julie's. Post to this thread here ( but be advised, this section is "pre-moderated", so you will not see your post appear until I approve the submission ). Please use this thread for contest entries only. There will be another thread on the "General Board" for questions or comments on the contest.

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