Julies reviews Suzi & Rita

Discussion in 'New York' started by Chernov, Aug 1, 2001.

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  1. EarlyRiser



    You have a heart of gold. I've noticed it before, from you posts here and from things you've said when weve spoken in person. Madames come and go, just as girls come and go, but you're special. I really hope you stick around a long time.

    Just felt like saying that now.

  2. Jazzik


    Re: Suzi & Rita

    Got pics? =)
  3. Julienyc


    Suzi and Rita

    They are two of our older girls but not our classic Julies like Gio . Fatima, Elanya or even Domino, Rita is an old friend and a friend in need is a friend in deed ,she is a nice woman, used to run her own place (satin dolls) she saw hard times while rudy was doing his hit em and close em. I welcomed her to join our team for awhile and she is with us , she is a mature blonde, big boobs ,tall girl 5/8 says she will go the extra mile to keep her guys cummin.
  4. Chernov


    My most recent visits to Julies gave me opportunity to visit some of her newer gals, Rita & Suzi. Neither are pictured on the wed site, so my physical descriptions will have to suffice for interested parties.
    Suzi- Filipino, late 20's, dark complected, shoulder length thick black hair, 5'-5" tall, robustly built with approx 36D bust. Mildly conversant, but got right down to business. Kissing, no DFK, bbbj without even requesting it, but not to completion. Finished covered, Suzi preferred me on top, although she was not very flexible. Took a bit longer than usual to detonate, I was really enjoying the bbbj & Suzi was very good in this area, so no time for multiple explosions. would definately see Suzi again.
    Rita-Another voluptuous girl, 38D, mid 40's, long curley dark blonde hair, 5'-7" fair complected. A real talker, had to initiate our physical activity, otherwise Rita would have talked all night long. Rita is asthmatic & lets you know how much she detests cigarette smoke, or its smell. Brief spell of bbbj, more focused in the testicular area, and quickly moved to cowgirl. She wanted to kiss, but was coughing, asthma related I believe, so I passed.
    Decent session, but there are better options @ Julies.