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Discussion in 'New York' started by dialated, May 25, 2001.

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  1. Badtz


    Giselle (long-ish)

    Spent a wonderful afternoon with Giselle at Julie's. She's not on the website and I was hoping to see Steph or Lola, but neither was there. Met Chelsea and Alex. Both are cute in person (Alex's pics are very accurate), but Alex seemed very dissinterested. (YMMV?) Anyway, Giselle, a pretty-faced, thick-ish dark-skinned woman proved provocative and plenty charming. (nuff hyphens?)

    Started with a really intense back massage, which led to at least 69 ways to relax, which led to more fun. All in all, a great time.

    I don't get there often, and I've never met Julie herself, but every time I'm there, Tess, Bev and everyone else makes sure I have a good time. Thanks for the late birthday present!

  2. skagen


    My take on the ones that I have had sessions with:

    Domino: not young (40 yrs ?) , not slim, but about as acommodating and enthusiastic as you'll get: BBBJTC, greek etc. Depends on your priorities: looks vs PSE

    Chantel:very nice friendly personality, clean and doesn;t smellof cigarettes etc, very tight body, great bubble butt if you're an ass man, some claim BBBJ but I recieved a covered BJ so I can't vouch for that. Can't go wrong with her

    Lola, nice tits, petite frame BBBJ, very friendly and accomodating - can't go wrong with her also

    Cheyanne - seems to get good reviews, but I personally was disappointed with here looks, body and performance (unremarkable covered BJ and FS). I'd pass on her
  3. dialated

    dialated make that "deleted"

    I have never been, but having had looked at Julie's web site I am sure I want to go. I have narrowed it down to the following lovely ladies (Briana,Cali, chantel, Cheyanne, Dominio, Julieanne,Lola,Robin) and would appreciate any and all opinions on the matter. A long list, but they ALL do look great. Thanks!