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Discussion in 'New York' started by chocklick, Dec 1, 2001.

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  1. chocklick


    Re: Re: julies - Veronica

  2. jgd


    I've seen her a few times too, and they were all excellent sessions.
  3. zoulou


    I think this is a typical case of YMMV.
    It sounds like you just laid there for an hour.

    This activity is meant to be interactive, you can't just lay there for an hour and expect great things to happen.

    I have seen Veronica a few times and find her the exact opposite.
  4. chocklick


    Recently, I had the pleasure or displeasure of having a session with the highly rated Veronica. I decided to have an hour session because all posts indicated that anything less would not be satisfying.

    My session started off pretty well, Veronica is a very pretty AA woman who appeared to be confident in her abilities. I been into this hobby for a while, so lets just say I let her take the lead to find out if the posts were true. These are my conclusions:

    Appearence - A
    BBBJ - A
    DATY - B
    Enthusiasm - C
    Attitude - F
    GFE - B (only because I often get attitude from girlfriends)
    Overall - B-

    My session ended with me having to releive myself, because as Veronica says, Although you asked for an hour don't expect me to perform for an hour. She also said, "I know I'm good because I recieve 2-3 page "Good" reviews". Let me tell you, at that point I almost walked out. I don't know what all the hype is about GFE, because when I see a provider I want service and fantasy, not a real GFE attitude. Veronica, Veronica let me tell you I hope you get your wish and earn enough to leave this business soon, because there are plenty of providers who actually do perform for an hour for an hour's fee. Big E and Young Buck, tell me what's up!, you led a brother astray!