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Discussion in 'New York' started by nicolerio, Sep 18, 2001.

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  1. Kimmie


    Thank you for that post.

    I now stare longer at my kids while they sleep.. I watch them play with even more love in my heart for them..Which I never thought possible. I listen to their voices more carefully when they speak..Trying to take in every word, the sounds, the way they laugh!

    If we have all changed how we see those in our lives, and treasure them just a bit more, then something good came out of this.. But sadly..Why does it take a tragic event to help us all see that life is too short? We must love, cherish and enjoy every single moment we are permitted to exist on this earth..

    My thoughts and prayers for the families of FDNY&NYPD
  2. nicolerio


    The events of the last week has made me realy look at life in a lot simpler terms . Ladys and Gents never forget to tell your loved ones every day how much you love them no matter how busy or distracted you may be at the time. You never know what the day may bring you and it might be to late afterwards. It hit me hard on Tuesday With the WTC I couldnt contact my 8 y/o God dauther or her family for hours after the WTC they live 2 blocks away from the WTC and thier phone was out and the cell phone was busy. As it happened she was in school on the west side hwy @ the time 3 blocks away but she was shaken but fine and the rest of the family was uptown and away from home. Life is to short not say it as much as you can. BTW they are all staying with me untill they can get back to thier apt. I will never complain about my place being crowded I'm just happy they are here. God bless NYC bravest and Finest and the familys that are still missing thier loved ones.
    With sorrow in my heart
    Just my 2 cents