Just returned from Julies (was alright)

Discussion in 'New York' started by sneakydognyc, Feb 6, 2003.

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  1. Berserker



    So who did you blow?
  2. Stan & Kyle

    Stan & Kyle

    OH MY GOD!!!


  3. kromrider


    Re: Re: Just returned from Julies (was alright)

    This is a surprise? I can see why Julie is pretty crazy about UG. I guess since half of the posters here blamed her for Aprils incall demise and with the guys like Ozzy and Phil posting anti Julies every chance they get she may not be so happy to see you. I still have a feeling that you did not leave unhappy, just a guess but thats the kind of madame she is.
  4. Bill Furniture

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    I like to get the Hot Caramel sundae after I get laid. I once gave the girl at the counter a perfume too.
  5. curious



    I don't get it.

    Was it because he had two "first time"s at J's?

    Or that he used another handle to slam J?

    Wonder what happened his "first" "first time" (as rg).

    Maybe he chickened out?
  6. Casper


    Re: sneakydognyc has been

    I just had a colonic "justincase"
  7. JackT


    sneakydognyc has been

    banned for being full of shit!
  8. Happy Hooker

    Happy Hooker

    not that I am hiding.
  9. Happy Hooker

    Happy Hooker

    Damn dont out me too.
  10. Slinky Bender

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    But it's been resolved now.
  11. Slinky Bender

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    Someone's full of shit:

    All sneakydog's IPs match reloguru's IPs.

    BTW, last time I went to Julie's, they chopped my head off and killed me.
  12. Hot Dog

    Hot Dog

    Good one jseah heh..heh

    Breastman, I've talked to the guy to get in because I have the same issue at home but he said as long as the last name on the phone bill matches my drivers license it would be OK
  13. brestman


    You got me
    I got areola of the brain
  14. jseah


    Re: took a newbie to Julies

    heh..heh... he said MEMBER.....
  15. Happy Hooker

    Happy Hooker

    brestman if you got those big areolas out of your face for a second you would know that jl was trying to be funny.

    Get it..(I will say it slowly) MEMBER
  16. brestman


    JL do you know how much shit I went to when I first tried to get into this place. I had to actually change the phone service listing at my house so my last name appeared on the billing.
    The whole thing took like 2 months and was a pain in the ass and aroused domestic questions. Then I waltz my friend in there and he didn't even have to have id, yea it was too easy.
  17. justlooking


    Re: took a newbie to Julies

    Too easy. Too easy. Too easy. Too easy. Too easy. Too easy.
  18. brestman


    took a newbie to Julies

    SneakyDog Tell us how it was resolved,?

    I took a newbie friend there last night for hist first hobbying experience in years. There really is no screening required if you come in with a member. It looks like they really fixed up the new location during the last couple of weeks. I had reserved Heaven and Angel and I let him pick. He picked Heaven and had a great time. He said that he was limp at first cause he was nervous not having done this in years. She talked with him for the first 15 minutes while she lightly jerked him off. Once he calmed down and was at ease she gave him DFK then BBBJ, she slipped on a cover and moved him to doggie position and after he fucked her a while she took cover off for Russian finish. He had a great time now he can't wait to go back for her. For such a young girl she is already trained preety good how to handle clients. The best part was before I went in I was trying to explain to him how it works, you don't haggle for services or fees, this is what you will pay-this is what will happen, don't even discuss it, pay when your all done at the end, and tip if you are happy (he tipped 50) He couldn't believe it was so easy and haggle free as he has been burned in the past.

    I had booked half hour appointments, I was done in about 15 min but he was in there a good 40-45 min. They were cool about it nobody knocked on the door or anything, maybe cause she didn't have another appointment waiting. I told him a half hour usually means a half hour but he was havinf fun so he lost track of time.
    He didn't think places like this existed in NYC anymore.
    Julie's might have an off day or off girls at times but it is dollar for dollar one of the the best if not the best incall house in the Country that I am aware of. If someone knows of a comprable one please post the contact info.

    I agree that you shouldn't go blind without an appointment, you don't know what you will get as there are some older ladies, who give AAA service but the fact is they are older and not to everyones taste. Also Julies is religious about not letting you run into other clients. If there is a client upstairs choosing a girl, coming in or out, or taking a shower you wont be allowed to leave. But this has never been a hinderence. Iv never had to wait more than a minute or so, I cant see how he waited 15 min, I would get crazy jittery too, there must be something more to it.
    The fact that he went in without an appointment must be factor in this. Whenever I make an appointment I always call 15 minutes ahead of time to see if their is any adjustment required in the time exactly to avoid a situation like this. But no matter what someone will always be running early or late which might screw things up but that is the exception not the rule

    BTW Angel is a hot tall light skinned latina with full soft natural D or even DD breasts that have real big dark areola. I like this girls tits alot. This girl has the best (natural) tits at Julies although her body is not as uniform as Lola's dancer body Angels tits seem bigger
  19. sneakydognyc


    Don't mention it

    No problem.
  20. JohnnyK

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    Thanks for clearing that up!