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  1. CUlater


    Time from 2post - Time from 1post = 1 more AMP :)

    I really needed a massage, my back is killing me!
  2. DaiDaiLun


    damn, these 4 places are all in my neck of the woods...interesting. Too bad I wouldn't be missing them much if they didnt reopen.
  3. Aegis911


    2 + 2 = 4 doesn't it?
  4. CUlater


    2 on Rt 36, Keansburg, Hazlet and 2 on Rt 35 both in Sayreville
  5. DaiDaiLun


    Which 3 places is this?
  6. CUlater


    monmouth spas

    There are 3 RT AMP spas in Northern Monmouth County that are closed today as well. They are typically open 7days/week.
  7. bgdaddy13


    Could this be why Dover spa is reportedly shut? We know Sammi has ties to NYC spa where she works weekdays
  8. DaiDaiLun


    From what I heard on the news, they are going to give these women a temporary visa to stay because they are the "victims".
  9. Aegis911


    We're the victims here - not the Koreans.

    Because the smugglers charged such an outlandish fee the AMP's had to increase their fees and the providers charged more to pay off their debts.

    We got screwed - well . . . maybe a HJ

    Get rid of the middleman I say!
  10. donquixote04


    I am only speculating, but if these women were given forged papers to get them in to the US originally, as some of the reports on the radio have said, then they are not likely to be charged with a crime, but are liable for deportation back to Korea.
  11. nabbeun


    interesting that there were 31 arrests, but it seems for now the 70 women taken in are being treated as 'victims' and not charged. if that's so, then the women might be released back into circulation shortly? and many places that are raided reopen shortly later...so maybe not as bad as it all sounds. after all, i hear that now a year after the crackdown that occurred in CA, its back to business as usual there...
  12. firecracker


    I KNEW the broad giving me the handjob looked familiar!
  13. justlooking


    If it's NBC news, they're probably about to report that Katie Couric worked at one of those places.
  14. badguyy


    NJ too

    The article on TV also mentioned brothels in NJ but no specific location(s) given.
  15. Sidekicks

    Sidekicks Moderator


    say it ain't sooooooooooooo :(
  16. stranger


    A masterpiece of understatement.
  17. BlueNewMoon


    Saw another TV report that mentioned a couple of Manhattan places, on 26th and 57th.
  18. DaiDaiLun


    looks like ginja and liberty are done.
  19. DaiDaiLun


    more ...

    NEW YORK -- Twenty brothels posing as legitimate businesses from Connecticut to North Carolina were shut down and 31 people were arrested, freeing more than 70 sex workers enslaved by a large human trafficking ring, officials said Wednesday.

    The arrests Tuesday capped a 15-month probe that began when a Korean couple who owned and operated a chain of brothels in Queens tried to bribe an undercover New York Police Department detective, said Julie L. Myers, assistant secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Those arrested on federal charges including conspiracy to engage in human trafficking, prostitution and conspiracy to transport illegal aliens included brothel owners and managers, middlemen who worked as transporters and individuals who handled the money.

    Myers said the victims who were working in brothels throughout the Northeast were being interviewed by ICE agents at secret non-detention locations, where they were receiving health care, clothing, food and other services as they were being questioned.

    She said it was disheartening to hear agents describe stories "of women who were promised a better life and instead held as sex slaves" at brothels posing as massage parlors, health spas and acupuncture clinics in New York, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland and Rhode Island.

    Yet, she said, she was encouraged to know "these same women had been rescued and freed from their shadowy existence and that we could help bring to justice those criminals who enslaved them."

    The arrests occurred in Washington D.C., New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, California and Rhode Island. If convicted, those charged faced maximum sentences of five to 10 years.

    Federal court papers show the government intercepted calls from the Bally Sauna and Ginja Spa in Stamford, the Crystal Spa and Liberty Spa in Norwalk and the Magic hair salon in Waterbury. In each case, someone at the business was ordering girls from the ring, according to the documents.

    Myers said the Flushing, Queens, couple who touched off the probe paid at least $125,000 to the undercover detective as investigators tapped telephones and exposed an international scheme to smuggle women from Korea to the United States to work in brothels.

    The couple was arrested in March along with two police officers who were discovered during the investigation to be accepting bribes, authorities said.

    Myers said the United States was seeking to break the backs of the human trafficking rings by increasing the number of investigations of smugglers and traffickers and targeting the financial proceeds of the criminal organizations.

    "Some of these criminals look upon people as cargo, just something that must be moved," she said. "But we know that the victims of trafficking and smuggling are not cargo. They are human beings who often have been mentally and physically broken down in every way possible to achieve a mental state in which they can no longer fight against their captors and try to escape."

    She said it might take weeks to build enough trust with wary victims to get them to speak to investigators, and she acknowledged that some of the 70 suspected victims might turn out to have known the risks of the brothel trade and chose to work in it anyway.

    U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia said the smuggling organization relied on recruiters who went to Korea and found young women eager to live in the United States.

    The recruiters then charged the women tens of thousands of dollars to provide false documentation to enter the country or to smuggle them in, he said.

    Once in the United States, the women were placed in brothels along the eastern seaboard, unable to leave the business until their debt was paid, he said.

    Identity and travel documents were seized from the women, threats were made that they would be turned over to authorities or that family members would be harmed in Korea if they tried to leave, Garcia said.

    "Raids on these locations show that this exploitation is not a back alley business. It happens on Main Street in Stamford, Conn. It happens in residential neighborhoods of our nation's capitol and it happens in the West 20s in New York City, not far from here," Garcia said at a news conference at FBI headquarters in lower Manhattan.

    He added: "Human traffickers profit by turning dreams into nightmares. These women sought a better life in America and found instead forced prostitution and misery."
  20. DaiDaiLun


    Most of the women looked pretty hot too. Looks like the bust that happened in NY were in Queens.


    Updated: 3:26 p.m. ET Aug. 16, 2006

    NEW YORK - A sex trafficking ring that smuggled Korean women into the United States to work in brothels has been cracked and 31 people arrested, officials said on Wednesday.

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement said 70 women were in custody for questioning to see if they were victims of the ring that trafficked prostitutes between brothels in cities including New York, Washington and Philadelphia.

    Prosecutors said recruiters identified Korean women who wanted to work in the United States. Some were given false immigration documents while others were smuggled into the United States through Canada or Mexico.
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    “By the time the women have been taken into the United States, the women owe the recruiters and other members of the criminal organization a large debt, usually in the tens of thousands of dollars,” immigration authorities said in a criminal complaint.

    The women were then made to work as prostitutes to pay off their debts and traded between various brothels. The brothel owners and managers kept a large portion of the money paid by customers and credited the rest against the debts.

    “The women are in some instances told or led to believe that, if they leave the prostitution business before paying off their debts, they will suffer a range of harms,” the complaint said. “The women are sometimes threatened with harm to their families in Korea.”

    Arrests were made in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. following a joint investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.