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Discussion in 'Southern NJ/Eastern PA ( Philly, Allentown...)' started by betty_snj, Feb 5, 2003.

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  1. rollin


    Hey Capy, not to BUST your BALLS or anything, but we've been reading this same type of quote, from you, for more than six months. Most of your posts were 'cause the economy being bad for you.
    In the past months you've been hitting the AMP, and your posts with info of your experiences are certainly helpful.

    But, you've done alot of posting about, "can't wait to see Betty."
    So how about shitting and get off the pot. Go see Betty...... ;)
    I'm sure that alot of UG'ers are waiting with baited breath for YOUR review of BETTY, I know I AM.

    No Harm, No Foul

  2. capitan



    Thanks for the info.......you know you're always on my mind. It's just that I've had good luck with the local amp/mp scene recently, but I'm sure that they are no match for you! We WILL connect sometime soon, I know that.......and so do you.

    Straight ahead,
  3. betty_snj


    ....that my website is down since last night and it will be back up soon.
    My webmaster is changing his servers to accomodate more traffic.
    Also, he's adapting some of the AVIs I did this past week, creating a new link just for my videos, showing what I do best of course :)
    If any of you wish to contact me, please just call my cell. It's listed on my ad here on UG.