Just wanted to make sure everyone is A-OK!

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Amanda Witherspoon, Mar 5, 2001.

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  1. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Its Fruitless!

    Bro I cannot get ladies to come out to play they are all snowed in! Son of a Bitch!!
  2. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts


    Look at what YOU do to get laid !!!

    Can't you take ONE day out from blowin' a load ?!?!?

    Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz !

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  3. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Weather Reports are Useless!

    I live near Hauppauge, NY- we have nearly 12 inches of snow now with drifts up to 3 feet. Meanwhile the weathermen say we only have half that!- I drove 35 miles west and in the beginning saw my life pass before my eyes when I spun out and was headinfg for some trees, but by the grace of good missed them by about 1 foot!! I continued on to NS Pkwy and by Deer Park the roads were mostly clear then did 60mph the rest of the way in towards the Queens border. This is a very strange storm- reminds me of Lake effect snow upstate by Syracuse! Drive safe everyone!!
  4. TBD says same thing!

    Had a few replies from some of the awesome folks in NYC and otherwise (thanks, Candie and Kim!) and it does appear that it is going to hit tonight. YIKES.

    "Batten down the hatches", as my dad used to say!

    I'll have a hurricane for y'all this evening on my patio and hope for the best!

    Snuggles for this evening,
    Amanda :)
  5. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    So Far its a Fraud!

    Drove 40 miles in 40 minutes this AM(Avg 50-70mph). Probably will become white out conditions later. Originally suppose to be 12-24 inches, looks like 8-12 inches out here in Long Island. Your right a Noreaster can be like a hurricane- we might get 60-80mph winds tonight.Thanks for asking sweets!
  6. I heard ya'll got the storm up there in the N.E....just wanted to check in for an update!

    I've never been in a snowstorm before. I would imagine it's got to be just a little exciting...? Like a hurricane, maybe. Well, a mild one. We all get drunk and party when one comes (hence the drink, "The Hurricane"). What do you guys do?

    I picture lots of fireplaces going with lots of snuggling. Sounds romantic to me!

    (Of course, there is the NEXT DAY but we won't think about that right now.)

    Hope all is well!

    Amanda :)