Katiana ready to feed you milk

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by JerryNY, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Aegis911


    There is nothing I respect more than a true professional.
  2. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Wow, she was working up till the day she had her kid?

    If she answers phones for the other "girls", how doe she know what the caller is calling for?

    I see she has a real hater on CL.
  3. neilz


    How hard do you have to squeeze a tit with no milk to get the $200 milk?
  4. JerryNY


    forgot to warn about TS roomies

    I forgot to say she is the phonegirl for a TS house. Now I have never seen them but I hear them in the next room. I hope most of you can tell the substantial differenece between man TS and woman. The only reason for concern is from what some poor sod wrote on CL a few months back. He said he answered her pregnant ad and went to the house and rerported that the girl did not look pregnant and when he inquired about the milk the "girl" said that the milk comes later when the baby comes. So he went for a bj anyway and the "girl" wouldn't do full service and something very strange about his service so he put a TS alert on her. Well when Katian kept posting daily about pregnant and lactating I asked her like 5 times if she was pregnant and or a man before I made my initial appointment as this poor guys post had me paranoid. So when I got there and I saw she was the real deal I asked about the TS and she told me thats who she works with. If your not alert they might try putting one over on you. But like I said this girls body is hot and 3 weeks out of her pregnancy the body looks real good. They work out of J*ies old building on 51 st
  5. JerryNY


    I used to see this chick when she was pregnant now its not the girl in the picture in the ad with last four digits “9149” But she is a rather skinny PR, not bad looking if you overlook the pink hair and missing tooth here and there and tats here and there even on her gina. She does not like giving head as her CBJ is 2 sec “ are you ready” But she did have a smoking body and would do any position till she was 9 months.
    So now she’s back 3 weeks after giving birth but theres barely a trickle of milk coming as she isn’t breastfeeding, but she is good about letting you squeeze the nipples for the milk for your $200 for the half which you can negotiate down to $175 if you try.