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Discussion in 'New York' started by nyjohn, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. SkellyChamp


    It's nothing personal. I just think this need to camoflouge fucking and getting blown is silly. I have no idea where you got Fresh Stew I just threw in the Food Channel cause it popped into my head and seemed to fit.

    Funny, JAG was for creative writing. UG is for talking about the ladies, whores, prostitutes, whatever you want to call them. I have been around for a while.

    If you feel like using the terms you're certainly not going to let me stop you, I just don't undersatnd it.
  2. rre


    Kelly do you do late night appt's?
  3. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    you missed something with her. Shes takes it up the ass like very few.
    Its a deep hard penetration.YOu can pound her, well worth the admission price.

    I dont even remember, but I wonder if she does the atm thing.

    Nice girl. Pleasant enough.
  4. DaiDaiLun


    Oh darn, the UG special is over? I didn't know Kelly had a specific deadline for the special. :(
  5. Mr.Vargas


    I get the feeling you don't like my creative writings.

    Especially since I'm the one who started the Fresh Stew term.

    And for the record it has nothing to do with the Food Chanel. I just thought Frank Sinatra was getting old and decided to try something new and funny.

    But more Importantly, you should know that UG is really a board for practicing novelists.

    "That's my story and I'm sticking to It."
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  6. SkellyChamp


    And for those creative writers out there that was two Billy Joel songs with no Frank Sinatra playing even though he was hopeful of hearing a tune (or Fresh Stew to you Food channel devotees.
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  8. nyjohn


    Although there are already several reviews of Kelly I thought since I've read way many more reviews than I've posted I should post this. I hope it's ok that I started a new thread...

    After I had to postpone a session with Kelly during her special she was kind enough to allow me to have the special extended till last week which is when I visited.

    The picture in the UG area for touring and independent providers got me to take the plunge.

    I arrived at a location near Union Square and was given the address. I get to her place and am greeted at the door by a fine looking Kelly. She looks as good in person as she does in her pics. Her body even looked and felt firmer in person than in the pics. She also looks tan and her hair is now much shorter; but again she looked great.

    She was in regular summer attire (a hot top that showed some skin but left a bit to the imagination). She offered me a drink and wanted to have a little get to know you time on the couch. After a few minutes of pleasant chit chat she offered me a shower and told me she'd be in the bedroom or getting ready when I was done showering. I showered up and arrived in the bedroom before Kelly. I must say she got the room set up nicely with candles and mellow new age music. The ambiance was right. A few minutes later in walked Kelly. Wow what a sight. A lovely set of 'Victoria Secret" like bra and panties and garter and stockings filled in with a rockin body. This got me in the mood in no time. She laid down and asked me what I like and don't like and weather or not I am a kisser. She really wanted to make sure I enjoyed the experience. She seemed genuinely interested in making sure I got what I wanted and that she was keen on having me "have it my way" (hold off on the fast food jokes !)

    She started by kissing and licking my nipples and chest and rubbing my thighs. Moments later she had my manhood in her mouth and she was licking and caressing that and my balls. This went on for a minute or two and it was just too much for me to hold on. So out went the first batch and she gulped it down and cleaned me up. A very happy customer I am at this point !!

    After some caressing and small talk she began on round 2. This time she really had to do some work but her work was my pleasure. She took me in her mouth and worked my little me into hardness in just a few minutes. She really has a talented mouth and while she's doing this she's doing some great head bobbing and slurping and never neglects my balls. After a few more minutes of this I launch a second orgasm and this one is even better than the first. She again lets me cim and takes it in like a champ.

    I was hoping for another round so that I could actually boff her but I had to get back to work. (yes I know... work can wait but I didn't think round 3 was going to be quick and I was already running behind schedule...)

    In summary. A great time provided and a repeat is due. I agree with all the other favorable reviews hear on UG. Kelly W is a keeper.

    The special may be over but I think Kelly should not be missed special or not.

    Happy and safe hobbying to all.