Kiara or "when will I learn?"

Discussion in 'New York' started by Monty Burns, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    so many of these asian agencies have balls.
    They advertise all over the place, and show gorgeous asian women.

    In my early days of phone book hobbying, long before the internet, I remember calling agencies with names similar to Oriental Paradise, or Oriental Palace, and when I called, I was asked to choose between a Korean girl, 21, slim, and very beautiful, or a japanese girl, 19, slim, beautiful and exotic looking, but even though I knew it was bullshit, Id order anyway.
    And the same fucking woman always showed, some 45 y/o korean with missing teeth that said, you like me, you tip me, fucking rip offs and todays internet doesnt change a fucking thing.
  2. neilz


    When you flipped her, you should have stuck it in her ass and said that is the deal you made with Kiara.
  3. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns


    We have a winner! CK1, that's exactly the one. Christ, they even use the same fucking phone number.
  4. ck1



    Is this the girl you saw cause the same thing happened to me about a month ago, called for Kiara and got this girl. She is cute but service is subpar, and only one pop...
  5. Bandaid


    "...I figured what the fuck, I'm already here..."

    Not you, Num, it's all of us. The little head is so easy to fool the providers know their scams will work forever. Some of us smarten up but there's another easy mark right behind us. If I ever totally quit the hobby, and I'm damn close to it, that's the reason. I treat the women as nicely as I can and show them all the respect I can and it does no damn good. If you're nice they laugh at you for it behind their backs and give you even less.
  6. xmasmonkey


    That's rough ... fell prey to it a few years ago. For while, had a steady who went by the name of Victoria (she advertised in Action Tonight ... blond hair, blue eyes, nice chest ... the whole thing). She was great, and we got "kind" of close ... she let me take naked pics of her, and the whole thing was really becoming a true GFE. It was cool, but took a few months off to save cash, and to get away from the feeling I had then that I was getting TOO close to a working gal. I finally caved in and called the # again ... was sent to the apt, only to find someone else there. I got upset, and the girl who was there called her operator to talk to me. The op wasted her time trying to tell me that "this" was the girl. I hung up on the op, but gave the girl who was there $20, as I felt pretty bad ... to me I came off like "you're not good enough for me" ... I did end up leaving, having done nothing, but also happy that I didn't cave and just hop in bed with the girl who was there.
  7. numnutz


    I'm guilty of that too. A couple of weeks ago CL was spammed like crazy with ads stating "Busty AZN" with pics of some incredibly hot stacked asian chick. Took the plunge and went for it. Total bait and switch but I figured what the fuck, I'm already here. Session turned out to be not too bad. Except for the CBJ and one pop only. She was trying to get me to cum right away but I held out so I could get my moneys worth. Wouldn't return though.
  8. remsenst


    We've all been there...and probably will be there again in the future. That's why the providers who play this game do it and usually get away with it. At least with boards like this one, people will know who to stay away from.

    And shame on Kiara for letting someone else use her picture knowing full well that there would be a switch.
  9. JaxHammer


    Monty, I also have that problem with some Spanish chicks who have those almond eyes and look asian. The skin color doesn't even help sometimes as some asians are really dark. I'll bet anything she was all latino, the low down bitch.
  10. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    I'm a changed man

    yeah, well, I'll tell ya what, not anymore. That happens again, I'm out the door. My disposable income and time aren't what they used to be. Of course, now tomorrow, I'm going to have to find something that will get this experience out of my head. I've been thinking of Melody over on Murray Hill who does this prostate thing. Thinking I might have to give that a shot.

    Pun intended.
  11. westside



    I hear yah Monty... Everytime I get the bait and switch I feel like walking out... But my dick needs the excesize and I'm saying to myself... "You're already here." Afterwards, I always kick myself for not walking out. I need to learn how to turn around and walk out the door...
  12. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    Well, she said, in her ad...

    that she was Asian/Columbian mix. So, she's only part Asian. and the real Kiara, according to the many wonderful reviews provides two shots, enjoys at least one of them on her large tits, etc. Hence why I had picked her. Now the 'switch' looked like she could have had some asian in her, but she was more spanish than asian in her features. And again, it wasn't the girl advertised. Had it been, this would have been a different thread.
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  13. nabbeun


    2,522 said she was asian. that's kinda the asian way of doing things. so in practice, its per pop, not 'paid for the hour'. also in the escort biz, seems bait-n-switch picture wise happens more often than not? so seems like par for the course: she was cute, offered you a good time, and you needed to exercise some self-control. not memorable, but decent time all in all?

    what would tip the scales: what price was charged? if the online escort premium, she should expect to provide more - or at least some enthusiasm. if not, she should go back to providing at the $150-200 standard for such service at the amps.

    and while you may not be a 7ft 350 gorilla, best to remember she may well have such a beast in the next room in case you try to pull some shit...
  14. Jordan

    Jordan banned

    We all know that is why its money up front. Then they come up with all the rules. One day, it won't be me, but one day this bitch is gonna get a back-slap that will her mouth will be sore for some time.

    P.S. I'm certain she would not pull that shit, if you were a 7ft 350 pound gorilla, with massive tatoos, with knief marks all over you.
  15. ecpaul



    Preach the word. If I'm not "up" for a second pop or third within the hour you better slow dance gimme a lap dance or suck on my pinkie toe for the remainder of the time.

    I would've taken 1/2 the money back for a 1/2 assed session.
  16. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    No kidding

    Yeah she indicated I could have gone again, but the price was going to go up. I just looked at her with that "are you fucking kidding me?" look. I should have pulled of the condom and popped in her face just for having the fucking gall.
  17. RuffToy


    I honestly don't understand the concept of NOT offering additional pops. As long as you're operating within the given time you paid for, why should you be limited to just one. It's like the girl is saying, "I don't want to work anymore" Well you know something baby, I paid for the hour and I'm not done yet.

    Just like I don't dig providers that charge more for additional endings. WTF is that all about. This is not piecemeal work.
  18. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    Seriously, when the hell will I learn? I had been looking around one of the other review boards, interested in trying something new. Was looking for an asian woman, one who was hot, will give me second helpings and get a bit nasty. Came across Kiara's reviews and read them all. Everything sounded right up my alley. When you do a search for her name, you'll see a couple of them. Look for the Asian/Columbian mix with the HUGE tits.

    So I give her a shout, set up a meeting for today, head on over to the spot. Get inside and there is a really, really cute girl. Early 20s, rocking little body. Great tits, a little thick, but carries it really really well. Drop the envelope, do a little small talk...then she's like "I just want to let you know, I'm not the girl in the photo. She's my friend and while I have an ad up, she told me to use hers. If you want to leave, I'd understand." You know what, I thought your tits looked small compared to the HUGE ones that are in your online picture. Know what else?...THAT INFORMATION WOULD HAVE DONE ME A LOT MORE GOOD ABOUT AN HOUR AGO WHEN I CALLED YOU AND SET THIS APPOINTMENT UP!

    I should have just gotten up and walked, strictly out of principal. Did I? Duh, of course not. So we get to it. She gets naked and her body is, in fact, banging. Pretty standard stuff and she's moving through the session pretty quickly, kissing my neck grabbin my crotch. Gets me on the bed, covers me up, applies mouth and goes to work. Get's me close a couple of times, I ask her if 2nds are available. NOPE. I just about flipped. I'm like...ok, your not the girl I had thought you were, so you lied to me, and your not going to offer me seconds? At least the lying bitch wasn't lying about that. Flip her over, bang her hard for a minute or two and pop. She cleans me up, I get dressed, she gives me her real number so I can call her. Yeah, like I'm going to do that.

    So, if you're looking for Kiara today...her friend Jennifer is subbing for her today. And not living up to Kiara's standards.
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