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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by thirdleg, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. RuffToy


    Mistake to believe they will remember your tip. Went to an AMP on Wed, nice girl nice service tipped her .2 and she was greatful. Returned last night with a buddy (ONE FREAKING DAY LATER) and the same girl from the day before asks me if I've ever been here before. DUH!! Would she had remembered me if I gave her a more generous tip, maybe, maybe not but who the f*** cares. Her service was even better the 2nd time, still gave her .2

    These ain't NASA Scientists!
  2. thecat

    thecat No Alternative

    i reviewed this place awhile ago. it is located behind a strip mall with
    an italian restaurant in front. i found the service to be poor. if i recall
    there are curtains and not doors to the rooms..
  3. thirdleg


    Just before the holidays, I needed a real good massage for a back that was tight as a drum. Decided to try a new place and was hoping to get that extra special ending. I started with a nice steam bath, then a good to VG TS. Then I got super good massage that really helped out and the happy ending was well done. The hour was .60 and I tipped like it was the holidays and so they would remember me when I needed both a good massage and release.

    Well, I needed both today and I did get the great massage, but a very unhappy ending almost as if they had gotten a visit from LE. I did all I could do to get the "T" in R&T. No go. No good tip today and I will not be back unless someone can come up a real good review that tells me that today was just a bad day.