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  1. parkay



    I Have Been To Kobe A Few Times,1st Time Was Fall Of 2005 On Sunday. I Had Mimi Attend Me. Gave Me A Shower,then A Light Rub Down. She Had Me Turn And Lie On My Back Towards The End. She Then Pulled The Shades Down On The Window,it Was Daytime,got To See Her Topless Briefly Before We Finished.!!! I Have Been There A Few Times After That,last Time Was About 1yrago! Would Go Just For The Rubdowns,i Know She Cant Do More Than That!
  2. barthomer2005


    Visit today

    Saw someone new... barely spoke english. Sounded like her name was Inzy. She said she was new.

    Paid for 1 hour, was out in 1/2 hour. Gave tip reluctantly just to see her reaction. She kind of snorted in disappointment.

    Awful shower... not attentive at all.
    Massage was lame; no technique, it was rushed. She stood on me in spots until it hurt, so I made some noises like I couldn't breathe until she got down.
    I've been here before and would go back for the massage only, but this time it sucked.

    Looks - 2 out of 10.
    Attitude - 1 out of 10
    Service - 0 out of 10

    I will not go back. I hope they read this. If LE reads this, don't waste your time. There's nothing going on there to be concerned about and with the "talent" that's there, it'll probably close sooner rather than later. Ugh.
    Move it along, nothing to see here.
  3. reddy4uu


    Yea... definitely no FS, and w/ the woman who was working at the time, I don't think I would have wanted it. But, a good place for a happy ending rubdown.
  4. smknbert


    I was at Kobe a few months ago, since I started working at a job in Ardmore. I had always thought that FS was on the menu. It certainly is not, however I thought the massage was better than you get at the city AMPs. I left a nice tip, but I won't be back.
  5. barthomer2005



    I was there last Sat. and Mimi gave great massage, although it was a little rough.
    Similar experience, although she wanted more $ from me as a tip.
    Saw a younger tall skinny girl walking around; would have rather had massage from her.
  6. reddy4uu


    I haven't been to Kobe for years. The first time I went, I was looking for lots of extras, and found very little. But today, I really need a great massage, so I figured I would give it a shot. Glad I did.

    Now first of all, if you are looking for CH2 or RMP quality looks, then save yourself a heart attack and look elsewhere. The two women I saw were in their mid-40's, nicely dressed and well-kept, but would not qualify as hotties. Place was neat, but very small. No door handles on the interior room doors - that was interesting. So you get the idea that it's not a porn star palace. But...

    I received pleasant and excellent treatment from "Mimi." House fee 60.
    Good english, nice conversation about work, etc. (also making sure I'm on the up and up). Thorough TS then back to the room. I told her that my back and neck were really sore, and she gave me a 10 out of 10 massage. Excellent - it tied w/ any professional massage person out there.

    After the massage, the event ended happily w/ lotion and w/ no discussion of rewards. I tipped her 45. In total, I was there for 1:05. For what it is, I left a satisfied customer.