Krissy in Phoenix

Discussion in 'Las Vegas / Nevada' started by Prince, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. Prince

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    Been seeing her photos on Craig’s for some time and spoke with her a couple of times about seeing her when I got out to Phoenix. Well the day finally came and I called to tell her I was in town. She was happy to hear that and we made plans for that evening. Her photos were very hot and her reviews were mixed. Some said she was hot as hell and was up for everything and anything. Some said she had drug issues and couldn’t focus.

    Drove to her house and she greeted me in a hot strippers outfit. Evidently she has danced all over and was an accomplished stripper. She even had a pole in her living room. Very eclectic room, black lights, faux fur rug, nudes of her on the wall, etc.

    We started to make out like teenagers. Nice passion. Her photos are really her. She’s a hot woman, maybe a little older than her pics (couple years), but totally hot. I sa on the couch and she did a lap dance for me. During the dance she would reach and grab Big Jim and the Twins to make sure they were paying attention. I got up and started to undress. While doing that, she laid back on the couch and started playing with herself. Nice to watch always. Got on my knees and took her legs and spread them nice and wide and told her what I was going to do. Started to kiss her pussy at the same time massaging her thighs (getting that blood flowing to the right place). Gave her the licking of a lifetime. Nice moans and groans, but I don’t think she comes that way. Now, she has me lay on the ground (in front of a large mirror) and starts to give me head. Nice job – she started with that place between my balls and ass and tongue massaged the area. Now came the twins and s=they got a nice licking and sucking. And finally Big Jim got engulfed by her mouth.. Nice BBBJ for a good amount of time. Flipped her around for some 69 action. She loves watching action in the mirror and I made sure she could watch this position happening.

    She got on top for some great CFS first in a CG position, then I had her sit back and spread wide on the couch while I plowed into her with my feet on the ground. We then got back onto the floor and went at it doggie. Soon I had her on her stomach while I banged her hard from the rear. Blew a tremendous load and we both collapsed. She complimented me on the variety and technique.

    She cleaned me up nicely and told me she had a friend that she’d love to have come over and we have a threesome the next night.

    The girl is a little manic and can have a tendency to not focus, but once you have her focused on sex, she is awesome. Imagine having a hot stripper giving you the fuck of a lifetime. Very much recommend.