Kudos to Slinkybender and all my Jag affiliates!

Discussion in 'New York' started by corporateaffairs.ws, Jan 29, 2001.

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  1. Hi, This is Milan Hunter, Chief Operating Officer at Corporateaffairs.ws.

    I am delighted to announce that this new forum is fabulous! Kudos to Slinkybender and his innovative team of graphic-scientists.

    Established since 1993, Corporaffairs.ws aspires to recruite their talent from out-of-state, in order to provide a fresh selection of models to our discerning list of clients. However, in recent years, our competitors in this city heard wind of our help-wanted sources and started to lure the same captive audience to whom we were the only ones privy. (The name of the guilty need not be mentioned, as you have probably seen the same models in both our sites). Alluring them with higher commision rates and with the same accommodations we provided, we experienced a decline in responses. Needless to say, we needed to change our rates in order to remain competitive and attract from the same pool. Otherwise, we'd be advertising help wanted ads for nothing. We love a free enterprise, and we understand that our rates are a hindrance to a few. But, we've expirienced an unmeasured success thus far with the odds.

    We welcome you to visit us once again, Skagen. We have missed you. I won't forget when you were a friend one evening, and gave me your shoulder on which to cry. FYI, I am not wallowing over that guy - anymore. I even forgot his name!

    Wimpy, thank you for inviting me to this utopia. Caitlin longs to be with you, once again. You are one hot chocolate!

    Thank you and Warm Regards,
    Ms. Hunter