Lace is the Place!

Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by YankeeCrankee, Nov 14, 2001.

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  1. Slimmy



    Yeah, but arent the cameras on? Or are they just a decoy? It still is hard to totally enjoy a dance when there are other people getting dances all around you. No privacy.
  2. code9x


    One thing I like about the place is that, if you're looking for a good real massage, you can ask for Jackie. For $20 she will do her routine which last about 3 songs, in which she works your back, neck, temples, arms down to the fingertips. You can continue for $5 each additional song. She usually works on weekends and some weeknites.
  3. YankeeCrankee


    I have been going to Lace in Wayne, NJ on and off for a few years now. While I have always been able to get a good lapdance, the place was far from what I would call outstanding.

    I usually hit the place during the week, late afternoon, and there are usually only 3 dancers. It takes a long time to get a lapdance, I am not sure if they purposely let you sit for awhile, but I have gone and waited for an hour, even with the place practically empty, before I was asked if I wanted a dance. I am not sure if it's really a complaint, since there isn't anything worse than being asked for a lapdance before your eyes adjust to the darkness!

    Anyhow, all this changed, I stopped on a friday afternoon and the place was different. There were plenty of high-quality girls, eager to give very agressive lapdances.

    The lapdances are well worth $10, although you could certainly find 'complete relief' in some nearby establishments, so I would say, Lace is probably the most fun you can have in Northern NJ, without taking your clothes off, that is!

    Some guys have claimed that you can get a 'release' at Lace, and I tend to believe this is true, although it hasn't happened to me.(i rather get one or two dances from several dancers, instead if a long-term, multi-song relationship with one) You might want to persue this purely as a safety issue, it's dangerous to try and jerk off in your car while heading down Rt. 80.

    P.S. Beware. you will come home stinking of stripper perfume.