Lana Monroe?

Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by panchax, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. James Daniels

    James Daniels

    Anyone seen her recently? I texted her tonight shes working at a hotel on Sunrise Highway in Rockville Center
  2. Banacek

    Banacek SAM I am

  3. Banacek

    Banacek SAM I am

    Adding the phone number here for search purposes - 317-249-0060
  4. redbox


    Adding to list.
  5. vconnoisseur


    Recently saw her near the Plainview area. Simple 2-call system. when i arrived to the parking lot she did a quick LE check and told me to wait a couple of minutes. Got impatient and called back and she apologized and texted me the room number. When i entered the room, i was pleased to see it was a very close representation of the pics in her ad. Her ad shows no tattoos but when i entered she had a good amount. She asked for the donation and told me to get comfortable. Originally i went for the HH for $150, she began a cbj and it was a sensational one. As she continued i asked if there are any extras like gfe and bbj. She told me no bbj but would do gfe. I enjoy DFK, bbj, and cim when i see a provider, she only offered dfk for extra donation. Since i was in the mood and felt like i can do 2 pops, i asked if her hourly rate included 2 pops. then i went for from hh to fh and added dfk. Altogether the damage was $250. After the cbj we went on to missionary and then switched to doggy. As i was about to blow in the bag, i can feel her shivering and about to climax. Once i felt her shake, I immediately came with her. We went on for another round and was very pleased with the service. Overall, she has a nice body, very clean, and at least offered 1 out of 3 things i look for from providers.
  6. StickTalk


    I saw her a few months ago when she was working in Melville. Saw a different ad then the one lovelight just posted and it seems that her rates went up because she only charged me 100 for the hhr maybe it was a special or something. We set everything up through text. Got to the hotel she had me waiting in the parking lot for awhile before she texted me the room number when I got up there she had a friend in the room who was also working and was getting ready to leave so we could have some privacy (that is also probably the reason why she had me waiting in the lot for awhile friends was seeing someone) she asked for the donation and I gave it her to she counted it and said get comfortable no small talk or nothing she smelled like weed so maybe she was high but whatever I did. She got down to her bra and panties and started with a cbj which was decent I unhooked her bra and she has very nice titties which she doesn't mind if you play with them or suck on them. Then she took off her panties and asked if I was ready and we started missionary the moans and noises she made seemed genuine so that was a turn on after a while she asked if we could switch to doggie which was fine with me so I did until I blew in the bag. Clean up was a couple of baby wipes she talked more after the session was over saying how she spends a lot of time in Baltimore as well as here. Overall it was a cool experience I have seen her post since I last saw her but idk something is detering me from repeating. Hope this helps!
  7. Rider


    Wouldn't that make her 13 yrs old when first posting? LOL!
  8. lovelight


  9. Banacek

    Banacek SAM I am

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  10. panchax


    Greetings fellow board members....does anyone here have a Review of a girl going by the name of "Lana Monroe?"
    She posts on craigs list as a Model, appears to maybe be a "look but no touch" provider.
    She looks pretty good in her pics.
    Any info?
    Thanks in advance