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Discussion in 'New York' started by billyS, Nov 10, 2001.

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  1. Bill Furniture

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    I think I came in right after the good old days.

    Representing Gold.
  2. ew

    ew Silver

    ahhhh...the good old days

    (just representing the silver)
  3. Slinky Bender

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    ahhhh...two cups of coffee...the good old days.....:eek:
  4. Ozzy


    Beggar's Opera .....the good old days.
  5. Allen

    Allen Webmaster?

    ahhhh....Happy Tips....the good old days:)
  6. billyS


    I found a new add in Newsday, under Entertainment in the classifieds, Called Lana'sfor Gentlemen. Called on Thursday and tried to set up a lunch time appointment but couldn't get the right fit. Here is what I know so far. New place, located in Queens Village, (Slinky its the old Happy tips, Beggar's Opera area,) The women who answered the phone told me "this is not a massage palor, we offer full service" I thought that was kind of bold. She quoted $$ complete, emphasising the word complete. She said its an apartment so showers are available, the ladies walk around in lougerie and you get a complimentry drink. Queen size beds with adult movies in the room. They are looking for repeat customers. I asked if "2cups of coffee were available" she said "if you want" but I'm not sure if she understood what I meant. She said she had 3 girls all "busty" (fat?). 2 twenty somethings, one spanish, one Italian, and a 40ish italian. No thanks on the 40ish, I got that at home. open 10-8 Mon thru Friday. If anyone has been there let me know, otherwise I'll try to take one for the team if I can get tthere for a nooner.