Las Vegas Review: Caitlyn Sweets

Discussion in 'Las Vegas / Nevada' started by mongerdeux, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. mongerdeux


    I think I asked for the 1/2 hr rate, but was still able to stay there for an hour. The first time I see a girl, I like to ask for a discounted 1/2 hour rate and see if I can just stay for close to an hour anyway. Plus, if I can only get 1 pop out, then 1 hr doesn't make sense a lot of the time.
  2. misterxyz


    $150 is a fantastic rate for a Las Vegas girl. Her website shows 200 per hour (which is also cheap for LV). How did you manage to get her for 150?
  3. mongerdeux


    1) Contact info
    Posts on CL and has a Web site here:

    2) How you found out about her services.

    3) Description of escort
    Proportional and not fat, just not slim/in shape. Long dark blond straight hair. B cup boobs, and Caitlyn's got a big 'ol butt.

    4) Description of location
    Yes, it's a shocker. Another Budget Suites.

    5) Description of your expectations
    Looking to knock out a no-frills load, w/someone who's very near to my work (across the street). Expecting a decent BJ and someone who I can order around without talk back -- I wasn't in a foolin' around mood that day.

    6) Description of services provided
    Showed up, and boy, she's got a dirty little mouth. F as every-other word. Southern accent, too. I told her to get undressed and suck me but not make me cum for at least a half hour -- a very challenging thing to do.

    I laid down on the bed, and she laid between my legs and goddammit if she didn't shut the hell up and suck for 40 mins straight. Looked up at me every once in a while, sometimes went up and down the outside of the shaft w/her lips, sometimes w/her tongue, sometimes deepthroat, sometimes flicking the head w/her tongue. All BBBJ.

    I could have made her stay there for hours, but I needed to get off and get going. Told her to jump on top, which she did, slamming her pussy up and down. Then I told her to get in my favorite position -- where she lays on her left side, sticks her right leg straight up in the air and I straddle her left leg while pumping in and out. You can do a lot w/that one leg, it feels great to have my ass rubbing up and down on her thigh, you can get in her deep and also play w/her clit/boobies/whatever else you want. Also have free access into her ass if you want.

    She's not completely shaven -- another one w/hair. Didn't do DATY.

    I came all over her stomach and boobies, then she matter-of-factly started talking from where she left off before we started, f-bombs flying.

    7) Fees and tips given

    8) Whether this was your first experience with this agency/escort and if you plan on seeing again
    First experience, would see her again, but I think she moved to the west side -- not close enough for me, and in the wrong direction.

    9) Whether your expectations were met